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IVF Success at Medfem, South Africa

I have just received some wonderful news. The birth of a beautiful bouncing baby boy after a long journey by one of my readers – congratulations Evangeline, you must be sooooo proud. It hasn’t been an easy journey to get that bundle of joy into their arms, but persistence and perseverance certainly have paid off in the end. Evangeline […]

Egg Donor Programme with FertilityCareSA, South Africa

I know many people nowadays are looking for egg donor programmes. I was emailed about a specialist egg donor programme in South Africa called FertilityCareSA. They work with a number of the South African clinics. Here is the information they have kindly provided: This Egg Donor Programme is the culmination of several years’ experience in […]

IVF Cost at Bio ART Fertility Centre, Parktown, South Africa

I have had a great reply to my letter requesting the IVF cost, IVF success rate and IVF procedure from Bio ART Fertility Centre, Parktown, South Africa. Their website can be found at and all contact details are shown at the bottom of the reply. Here is the reply I received: Thank you for the […]

IVF cost in South Africa with donor eggs or surragacy – good price and a great idea!

I had a lovely contact from Tertia at Nurture who organise IVF treatment with donor eggs or surragacy in South Africa – a beautiful country! Below is a piece that she has written for you about the benefits of going to South Africa for treatment and the IVF costs and IVF success rates – you […]

IVF Cost at Sandton Fertility Centre, South Africa

Within four days I received the following reply to my letter requesting IVF cost, IVF success rates and IVF procedure information from Sandton Fertility Centre in South Africa. I have added the approximate costs in US$ in pink. Most of my questions have been answered directly although there is little detail on monitoring etc. Hello […]