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I have had some information sent to me about a new homecheck instant ovulation test which I thought may be worth sharing. Here are the details I received: NEW “HOMECHECK INSTANT OVULATION TEST”  1. Contents:  The following are the contents of the above mentioned KIT · 7 Ovulation strips · 1 Pregnancy kit · 1 […]

New test is available in India that can stop wasted IVF attempts

A new test has been developed that can test for defective eggs, hence stopping the cost and emotional turmoil of an IVF attempt that would never have worked. The test is available at Dehli’s Pheonix Hospital and costs around US$215 on top of the IVF treatment. Check out the full article here.

Over 40’s Now Twice as Likely to have a Successful IVF Pregnancy – Hooray!

In the last two years us over 40’s have now double the chance of a successful IVF pregnancy than we had previously – I’ll give a big cheer for that! This has been achieved through advancements in IVF technology, including better media for culturing embryos and the trend in transferring embryos at the blastocyst stage, […]

New Advancements in IVF Treatment

This week has seen the announcement of two new advancements in IVF technology. The first, very exciting, is that scientists at Oxford University have discovered why some embryos fail to implant in the womb. Apparantly this is down to two protiens called Rac1 and RhoA – or the lack of these. They’ve even caught it […]

New surrogacy regulations could be coming to India

There is talk of new regulations coming to India that will increase the cost and mean that a lawyer as well as a doctor will be required for the process. India is fast becoming the place to go for surragacy and this new ruling may well change all that. Check out the full articles: The […]

Less than half price IVF treatment – for a limited time only!

Dr. Paul Magarelli from the Corona Institute for Reproductive Medicine & Fertility (CIRMF) in California is offering a complete cycle of IVF for just $6,000 – less than half the typical price in the USA – during October, November and December 2008. You need to get the coupons from the “In Search of the Stork” […]

Britains most successful IVF doctor – in the news again.

Britains most successful IVF doctor – achieving almost double the national average success rate – is attracting a lot of press this week. Mohammed Taranissi has been up against allegations from the HFEA and the General Medical Council. Just this week the HFEA have backed down on their allegations and Mr. Taranissi has been cleared […]

IVF News

Here’s some of the IVF new from this week: Canadian guidelines for IVF embryo transfer numbers released – The collaborators write: “This guideline is intended to minimize the occurrence of multifetal gestation, particularly high-order multiples, while maintaining acceptable overall pregnancy and live birth rates following IVF-embryo … Monash IVF Brisbane Welcomes International IVF Expert – […]

IVF Cost with Egg Donation – the Irish go abroad!

The Times have announced that Spain, the Czech Republic and Crete are becoming very popular destinations for the Irish when they are looking for IVF treatment with donor eggs. After one or two unsuccessful cycles with their own eggs, couples in Ireland are put off by the lack of legislation in their own country regulating […]

IVF success could be improved by new technology to select the healthiest embryos

We may only be 5 years away from dramatically increasing the success rate of IVF treatment – although at the moment only mice are benefiting! A team of scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a microfluidic chip that can measure the health of an embryo by determining the nutrients that they take in. […]