Visit and Care – a great idea to help you choose your IVF clinic

I received an email from Deedee of Visit and Care recently explaining the services that they offer to those of us looking to have IVF treatment. No we know how difficult it is to choose which clinic to go to, it’s the part that we struggled with the most, and to have a service where […]

IVF Cost with IVF Support Services – Sweden / UK

If you are based in the UK there is a service offered by IVF Support Services that combines treatment in the UK and Sweden – pre treatment in the UK and the final leg in Sweden. Here are the details and answers to the questions from my letter requesting information on the IVF cost, IVF […]

Britains most successful IVF doctor – in the news again.

Britains most successful IVF doctor – achieving almost double the national average success rate – is attracting a lot of press this week. Mohammed Taranissi has been up against allegations from the HFEA and the General Medical Council. Just this week the HFEA have backed down on their allegations and Mr. Taranissi has been cleared […]