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Archive for August, 2008

IVF success could be improved by new technology to select the healthiest embryos

We may only be 5 years away from dramatically increasing the success rate of IVF treatment – although at the moment only mice are benefiting! A team of scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a microfluidic chip that can measure the health of an embryo by determining the nutrients that they take in. […]

Reduce your total IVF Cost by increasing the IVF Success by almost 50%

There is now a new pioneering procedure that can increase the chances of pregnancy by almost 50% over traditional IVF procedures – hence reducing your total IVF cost. It uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the embryo, this stops ice crystals forming since it is fast frozen using this coldest form known to man (minus 190 […]

A Comparison of the IVF Cost Worldwide

  Are you trying to get pregnant but have been told you need IVF? Do you have to bear the IVF cost yourselves? Have you been searching for a quick resource that compares the IVF cost around the world? Well now it’s here! Finding a list of the IVF costs worldwide for informed decisions on […]

IVF Cost

The average cost of one IVF cycle is approximately $10,000 and that is without the cost of the medication that can add an extra $3,000 to $5,000. The IVF cost escalates because of the number of cycles that are needed before becoming pregnant. An average for those women lucky enough to succeed is approximately $35,000 […]