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Worldwide Personal Help in Getting Pregnant

I received a very interesting email from Orel Naor from Israel, who helps couples around the world to get pregnant. Here’s what Orel said: Hello, My name is Orel Naor Im coming from Israel. These days I am finishing my project to treat and help 150 couples to have babies. As you know, in the […]

IVF Medications from Global Pharmacy

I know IVF medications are a big expense when it comes to doing IVF. I recently received a message from Global Pharmacy in India who can supply medications through the post, so I though I would share it with you. I will request some prices and update this post when I get them. Here is […]

Had Success with IVF but at a high price?

I have had a request from a magazine for help in finding somebody to do an article. Here are the details: Has anyone spent £100,000 or there abouts on fertility treatment to have a baby? I am a health journalist looking for a couple who have spent a lot of money on fertility treatment and […]

Fertility After Forty

Here’s a very interesting article about the use of herbs and natural remedies to help the over 40s to concieve. Fertility After Forty by Susun S. Weed The most fertile years of a woman’s life are those between 18 and 28. Even into the mid-thirties, it is usually fairly easy to conceive and carry a […]

Help requested from pregnant women in the UK

I have had a request from Renegade Pictures for help in making a television programme for the BBC. So if any of you have had IVF success please do contact Paula and let’s put our opinions across. Here are the details: Hi there, I’m writing to you from Renegade Pictures regarding a programme we’re making […]

Use of Estrogen for IVF Success

I received the following question on my blog which I thought very interesting: Hi, I’ve read that if I get pregnant, I’ll use estrogen until the 11th week of pregnancy. But I know that estrogen is in the X category and most likely to cause fetal abnormality. So I’m quite confused now. I want to […]

Infertility Answers

Having spent time on the telephone today to a clinic in Ireland who were stressing to me, as numerous other clinics seem to be doing, that the likelihood of me becoming pregnant with my own eggs is very slim due to my age, it is looking more and more likely (although I must admit that […]

IVF Cost at the Nairobi IVF Centre, Kenya – great information!

The following reply to my letter requesting information on IVF cost, IVF success rates and the IVF procedure was received from Nairobi IVF Centre in Kenya the day after I made the request. This is a great response, Mr Olegs Tucs has answered all of my questions directly – I have added the approximate US$ […]

New test is available in India that can stop wasted IVF attempts

A new test has been developed that can test for defective eggs, hence stopping the cost and emotional turmoil of an IVF attempt that would never have worked. The test is available at Dehli’s Pheonix Hospital and costs around US$215 on top of the IVF treatment. Check out the full article here.

New Advancements in IVF Treatment

This week has seen the announcement of two new advancements in IVF technology. The first, very exciting, is that scientists at Oxford University have discovered why some embryos fail to implant in the womb. Apparantly this is down to two protiens called Rac1 and RhoA – or the lack of these. They’ve even caught it […]