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Archive for October, 2011

IVF Cost at BcnIVF Barcelona, Spain

Unusually the information I have on BcnIVF in Barcelona, Spain is not from the clinic itself but from somebody who has attended the clinic – it’s great to hear of others experiences with a clinic. Here is what they said: Basically I was recommended a clinic in Barcelona because a friend of mine got pregnant there. […]

Egg Donor Programme with FertilityCareSA, South Africa

I know many people nowadays are looking for egg donor programmes. I was emailed about a specialist egg donor programme in South Africa called FertilityCareSA. They work with a number of the South African clinics. Here is the information they have kindly provided: This Egg Donor Programme is the culmination of several years’ experience in […]

Worldwide Personal Help in Getting Pregnant

I received a very interesting email from Orel Naor from Israel, who helps couples around the world to get pregnant. Here’s what Orel said: Hello, My name is Orel Naor Im coming from Israel. These days I am finishing my project to treat and help 150 couples to have babies. As you know, in the […]

IVF Cost in Kiev, Ukraine

I have had a very thorough reply about IVF treatment in the Ukraine. It appears that the Ukraine is opening its doors more and more to medical tourism and could certainly be worth consideration as their prices appear reasonable. I have been sent some information on the Ukraine as well as a pdf file which […]

IVF Medications from Global Pharmacy

I know IVF medications are a big expense when it comes to doing IVF. I recently received a message from Global Pharmacy in India who can supply medications through the post, so I though I would share it with you. I will request some prices and update this post when I get them. Here is […]

Gender Selection / Family Balancing now available in North Cyprus IVF Centre

I get a lot of enquiries regarding gender selection / family balancing and now we have some information MicroSort® for sperm sorting into X (sperm that produces girls) and Y (sperm that produces boys) for Gender Selection/Family Balancing at the North Cyprus IVF Centre. Here is the information I have been given: MicroSort® is now being […]

IVF Cost at Servy Massey Fertility Institute, Georgia, USA

After a request to be included in this website I have been given some information on a low cost IVF centre, Servy Massey Fertility Institute, which has clinics in Augusta and Atlanta in Geargia USA. The information on the IVF cost that I received is: The clinic merges talents of two highly experienced physicians. Advanced […]

IVF Cost at Invitro Clinic for IVF and Reproductive Health in Tbilisi, Georgia

After contacting me about inclusion on this site, the Invitro Clinic for IVF and Reproductive Heath in Tbilisi, Georgia have kindly responded to the questions in my IVF cost letter. The responses and contact details for the clinic are: 1. What is the current success rate for your clinic? (preferably by age as I know […]


I have had some information sent to me about a new homecheck instant ovulation test which I thought may be worth sharing. Here are the details I received: NEW “HOMECHECK INSTANT OVULATION TEST”  1. Contents:  The following are the contents of the above mentioned KIT · 7 Ovulation strips · 1 Pregnancy kit · 1 […]