IVF Success at Medfem, South Africa

I have just received some wonderful news. The birth of a beautiful bouncing baby boy after a long journey by one of my readers – congratulations Evangeline, you must be sooooo proud. It hasn’t been an easy journey to get that bundle of joy into their arms, but persistence and perseverance certainly have paid off in the end. Evangeline […]

IVF Cost at ISCARE, Slovak Republic

After having had IVF treatment at ISCARE in the Slovak Republic, a reader has very kindly compiled the cost information and given an account of their experience at the clinic to share with you. The web address for the clinic in English is http://www.iscare.sk/?lang=en ISCARE IVF Costs: Basic IVF cycle: 1. Egg collection with embryo […]

Welcome to Everybody Who is Looking for IVF Cost Information

Welcome to ivfcost.net. This site was born out of my husband and I being told that we have “unexplained” infertility after 10 years of trying! With finances being tight, and me being 43 and hence not eligible for IVF on the NHS, we were unable to just select the most convenient IVF clinic and pay […]