Success Rates for IVF at Fertility Argentina

The key of our success rate I work in a very large egg donor program ( I take care of patients coming from all around the world: specially from USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and some countries of Europe and all South America. Why do all these patient fly overseas? Why do they decide to […]

IVF Cost at Fertility Argentina – Egg Donor Program

Here is some information from Fertility Argentina regarding their egg donor program: I work in a large Egg Donor Program in Buenos Aires, Argentina (with ISO 9001 certification of quality). Every year, more than 550 women/couples receive donor eggs and more than half of them get pregnant in each cycle. Our clinical pregnancy rates are 60-65%. We are experienced at coordinating the egg […]

IVF Cost at Fertility Argentina – great information

I have received some great information from Fertility Argentina on their IVF cost, IVF success rates and IVF procedure, they have also included information on their egg donor program. Here is the reply to my IVF cost letter: Dear Sue,I will try to answer all your questions in green (after each question). First of all, […]