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IVF Cost at Fertility Argentina – Egg Donor Program

Here is some information from Fertility Argentina regarding their egg donor program:

I work in a large Egg Donor Program in Buenos Aires, Argentina (with ISO 9001 certification of quality). Every year, more than 550 women/couples receive donor eggs and more than half of them get pregnant in each cycle. Our clinical pregnancy rates are 60-65%. We are experienced at coordinating the egg donor process from abroad; about 20% of our couples come from outside Argentina, mainly from USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
Our objective is the same as yours: to get a take-home baby as soon and as simple as possible, with the highest safety (infectious and genetics) parameters. We will analyze your case and will build a customized plan for you. The difference with others is not only based on what we do but, also, and not less important, on how we do it. Our criteria is: highest pregnancy rates, only one trip to Buenos Aires, and without waiting list, in a program with cosmopolitan donors and with a direct patient-to-doctor communication.

We have a program based on sharing donated oocytes. It means that one donor donates her oocyte cohort to several recipients. Each recipient gets a minimum of 6 mature eggs (MII oocytes), although the average is 8-9. We do ICSI to all of them. We guarantee to transfer at least one embryo in blastocyst stage (and 85% have more than one blastocyst and can freeze them for a second attempt). Sharing the oocytes this way, allows us to reduce costs and shorten the waiting time, while continuing to have very strong pregnancy rates.

Egg donation is anonymous. However, we will try to match the donor with the recipient as much as possible. As Buenos Aires is very diverse, it is not difficult to find a good match. Donors are medically screened thoroughly (see, including a large panel of genetic diseases (Recombine). Since the recipient decides to enter the Program, in the following 2-3 months you will be here for the embryo transfer. See the attached file to know more about the whole process. And also, please, watch this video about our program:

Total costs are the following:

  • First office visit: USD 400 (American dollars)
  • Egg donor cycle: USD 6,900 (American dollars)

Donor’s medication is included. Recipient’s medication is not included (but it is not expensive). Payment is cash or with a bank wire 1-2 weeks before coming. Embryo freezing item will be paid cash (USD 1000) and will be refunded in case that there are no embryos to be frozen.

Patients usually stay in Buenos Aires for about 10 days.

Please, feel free to ask me whatever you want.

Best regards,

Dr. Demián Glujovsky, MD MSc

Specialist in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility
Master in Clinical and Heath Care Effectiveness
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