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The New Face of Surrogacy in Mexico

By | Wednesday, April 10, 2013   While family-building options for many intended parents is restricted by financial burdens and steep legalities, the overwhelming aspiration to become intended parents via surrogacy has remained constant. Where can one be greeted with support and a breath of fresh air? Who can you trust and wholeheartedly commit to when […]

IVF in Mexico Offers Substantial Cost Savings

by | October 11th, 2012   Fertility treatments can be a costly wager for many couples but certainly a stake that has seen an increasing number of patients betting on in 2012. Today, a multitude of infertility treatment options are available at exclusive IVF clinics across the globe. The exorbitant IVF cost which most couples endure […]

IVF Cost at Centro de Fertilidad del Prado, Tijuana,Mexico

I received a very fast response to my letter requesting information on the IVF cost, IVF success rate and IVF procedure from the Centro de Fertilidad del Prado in Tijuana, Mexico – the reply came the same day! Their website can be found at, however I could not find a button to translate it […]

IVF Cost at New Hope Fertility Centre, Mexico – absolutely fantastic information, a MUST read!!

I became so excited when I received the reply from Dr. Alejandro Chavez-Badiola of the New Hope Fertility Centre in Mexico. I must admit that the feeling that I got was that I had found the place I want to go to! And I thought I had narrowed my choices down to two, one close […]