IVF in Mexico Offers Substantial Cost Savings

by IVFinMexico.com | October 11th, 2012


Fertility treatments can be a costly wager for many couples but certainly a stake that has seen an increasing number of patients betting on in 2012. Today, a multitude of infertility treatment options are available at exclusive IVF clinics across the globe.

The exorbitant IVF cost which most couples endure is combating against attorney and agency fees, medical and insurance costs, and may include surrogacy fees.

During in vitro fertilization (IVF), sperm and eggs are taken from the partners, combined in the lab, and grown there for three to five days before being transferred into the woman’s uterus.

In vitro fertilization may be an option for patients with blocked fallopian tubes, diminished ovarian reserve, male-factor infertility, endometriosis, or unexplained infertility.

Infertility treatments are more successful and reachable than ever before, resultant in the major growth of patients seeking IVF in Mexico.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 6.1 million women in the United States have trouble getting or staying pregnant. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine lists the average cost of an IVF cycle alone in the US to be $12,400.

A compelling argument for IVF and Surrogacy costs today brings us to the compassionate tendencies of many IVF clinics and IVF specialists in Mexico.

Compassion for Childless Couples Raising Eyebrows

Mexico’s fertility tourism promotes the venture of an inexpensive and stress-free way to explore another country, relax, and involve your IVF journey to parenthood in high-quality IVF treatments and surrogacy options for less, when compared with US fertility treatment costs.

And with same-sex couples flirting with the idea of surrogacy arrangement more and more, the demand for IVF surrogacy options is growing abroad.

IREGA Cancun is offering an exclusive IVF Warranty— if your first attempt is unsuccessful; a second IVF attempt is provided free of cost. Backed by an elite and astounding IVF team IREGA Cancun is increasingly seeing patients due to this remarkable inspirational doing.

IREGA Cancun hopes their efforts not only reduce the stresses that an ineffective cycle can produce, but further lower the burden of costs.

Shrinking the Cost of IVF in Mexico

Traveling for IVF in Mexico allows couples to shrink the high costs of IVF treatment by more than 60%. Attributing factors to the lower costs when compared to the US and UK include lower infrastructure costs, wage costs, and costs of living in Mexico which ultimately drives down the towering cost of IVF treatments.

With low-cost, direct flights and inexpensive accommodations, many IVF patients find that fertility treatment in Mexico is a bet they can win.

Fertility clinics in Mexico are also lowering IVF costs by implicating IVF treatments such as egg donation and PGD.

Family is the overall motivation behind IVF clinics in Mexico as they are committed to providing you consistent quality care. Find your future today with IVFinMexico.com.


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11 Responses to “IVF in Mexico Offers Substantial Cost Savings”

  1. Comment by Abbye Stahl

    I am wondering how much an IVF cycle costs would be and how the process would work?

  2. Comment by Gisel

    Hello Abbye,
    The cost of IVF in Mexico averages around $5000-$6000 usd. If you would like to know more information about our programs please feel free to contact me. gisel@visitandcare.com

  3. Comment by Renee Arceneaux

    Is there a IVF warranty pack offered for patients over then 40 years old if so what is the cost. The cost of IVF and meds. How long would I have stay in Mexico.

    Thank You

  4. Comment by Gisel

    Dear Renee,

    Unfortunately we don’t have a warranty program at Irega clinic in Cancun for patients over 40 years old.

    For an IVF treatment the total stay is 18 to 20 days, starting on the second day of menstrual cycle. Tests must be sent beforehand for the Dr´s approval.

    I happy to assist you with any further questions.


  5. Comment by Maria

    IREGA is lying when they offer an exclusive IVF Warranty. Our first attempt was unsuccessful, and when we came back for a second IVF attempt, they asked us for more money, almost 50% of all the money we paid for the first attempt. The IVF team IREGA is a bunch of unprofessional people.

  6. Comment by IREGA

    The IREGA warranty consists of remaining frozen embryos being used in the next cycle, if the pregnancy from the first cycle was negative. Additional charges will be for all the medications, gender selection, et al. Each subsequent FET is $1800 usd until all remaining embryos are transferred.

    If there are no embryos cryopreserved for the warranty FET, then any following IVF cycles will be at a 15% discount. This is extended to all patients that have done a cycle at IREGA. The information you posted is false. If you stand by your comments, it is best you contact IREGA and discuss this as there is obviously a misunderstanding.

  7. Comment by Maria

    IREGA Acapulco IVF Guarantee is a joke. I have no interest to discuss with this clinic. They took my money and waste my time. I wish I will never need to go again to this dangerous place in Acapulco.

  8. Comment by Maria

    Please inform yourselves before you decide to go to Acapulco. This is in the news: “Mass kidnappings and the discovery of mass graves in the Mexican State of Guerrero, a prime tourist destination on the Pacific coast, forced the U.S. Department of State to update its Mexico Travel Warning. The new warning, issued on October 10, calls on Americans to “defer non-essential travel to all parts” of Guerrero”

  9. Comment by John Pittman

    Surrogacy is one of the solutions for couples who can’t able to have a baby of theri own. I remember when my cousin Carl has this issue. Someone introduced them this what we called surrogacy and so they gave it a try. They asked for help from a medical tourism company named Placidway who are experts in making an arrangement for all the things needed for the said procedure. Luckily, the process turns out so wwll and successful.

  10. Comment by Gisel

    For all those on the fence about IVF in Mexico, I can tell you that excitement had filled the air since the January opening of the first LIV Fertility Center in Puerto Vallarta. The clinic now stands as an iconic landmark in reproductive medicine and most importantly is offering an IVF-FET Guarantee. IVF in Mexico has helped countless individuals build a family… and the team at LIV has developed a new model for reproductive care and addressed critical issues regarding technology, reducing IVF costs, achieving positive pregnancies and ensuring that the patient is at the center of their program. As John stated, surrogacy is one of the solutions for couples who are not able to have a baby of tbeir own. Mexico gives individuals a positive mindset and allows patients to relax — and unwind while exploring their options to build a family.

  11. Comment by carrole c

    Hi, I would like to get some information regarding SUrrogacy, namely procedures and cost.
    THank you. Carrole