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IVF Cost at North Cyprus IVF Centre, Cyprus – great information

Below is the response to my IVF letter from Ahmet Ozyigit, the IVF Coordinator at North Cyprus IVF Centre. The response is thorough and clear, really good information. If you would like to contact the clinic directly their contact details are: North Cyprus IVF Centre 143 Bedrettin Demirel Avenue, Kumsal-Nicosia / Northern Cyprus Phone: +90 392 227 […]

Gender Selection Cyprus for Affordable Family Balancing

by | October 22, 2012 Advanced technology and scientific research gave rise to many assisted reproductive treatments which have allowed many patients to not only have a baby, but can also choose its gender otherwise known as baby sex selection. Although it is a highly controversial practice, gender selection is employed to help couples choose the […]

Egg Donation Success in Cyprus

by | October 19, 2012 An Island of hope and dreams holds untold success stories of young couples who’ve endured emotional journey’s to build a family and were blissfully rewarded with the gift of a child in Cyprus. Infertility affects nearly 12 percent of couples that are of childbearing ages. For those who have experienced this […]

Gender Selection / Family Balancing now available in North Cyprus IVF Centre

I get a lot of enquiries regarding gender selection / family balancing and now we have some information MicroSort® for sperm sorting into X (sperm that produces girls) and Y (sperm that produces boys) for Gender Selection/Family Balancing at the North Cyprus IVF Centre. Here is the information I have been given: MicroSort® is now being […]