Egg Donation Success in Cyprus

by | October 19, 2012

An Island of hope and dreams holds untold success stories of young couples who’ve endured emotional journey’s to build a family and were blissfully rewarded with the gift of a child in Cyprus.

Infertility affects nearly 12 percent of couples that are of childbearing ages. For those who have experienced this heartache you know it’s a struggle that not only effects your body, but your life, your finances, and sometimes the relationship with your partner.

Couples who’ve exhausted their finances are looking for options to build their families with fertility tourism. Fertility tourism is traveling to an abroad destination for health care, in this case infertility treatments.

Seeking fertility treatment should not have to be costly nor complicated. With many IVF treatment options available in destinations like Cyprus, infertility patients can safely undergo an IVF procedure for an affordable price.

This has become an appealing option for British, Turkish, Arabic and European patients that seek in vitro fertilization and other fertility treatments like gender selection for family balancing and MicroSort for selecting the sex of the baby.

Many couples have walked down the path to parenthood along the calming coastlines of Cyprus and experienced a fulfilling and life-changing journey.

One of the most common causes of female infertility is the inability to ovulate.  Without ovulation, conception cannot happen naturally.

Symptoms of ovulation problems generally include an irregular cycle or an absence of menstruation. Fortunately, with the use of advanced fertility technology, Cyprus fertility clinics can make it possible with controlled ovarian stimulation.

If a couple cannot be treated by traditional fertility procedure such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), they may consider using donor eggs.

Donor eggs are just as it seems.  A young woman donates her healthy eggs in order for a deserving family to have a baby. Often the clinics maintain their own egg donor databases of young healthy women who have offered to donate their eggs.  The donors under go rigorous health examinations and screenings in order to quality as a donor.

For the clinic it’s important to have a variety of egg donors from different cultures, race, religions and physical appearance. Fertility doctors will help match prospective parents with high quality egg donors. They strive to make the process of selection an egg donor in Cyprus as easy and hassle-free as possible.

Egg donation in Cyprus allows an infertile woman to carry a pregnancy and give birth. Even though she is no the biological mother of the baby her male partner can donate his sperm so the baby has a biological connection to one parent.

Cyprus egg donation programs are designed for females with premature failure condition. Premature failure is an infertility issue in which menopause started at an earlier age than normal (typically before the age of 40).

There are a variety of other reasons for employing egg donation procedures, including low quality eggs caused by age; genetically transmitted diseases (STD) that could be passed on to the offspring; and previous history of failure with IVF.

Egg donation programs in Cyprus enjoy the highest pregnancy success rate of all fertility procedures. Women ages 21-29 with a 98% success rate with egg donation to women ages 35-39 with a 78% egg donation.

Fertility clinics in North Cyprus maintain the highest ethical standards and provide both intended parents and donors with professional, personalized and compassionate care.

While physical characteristics such as height, eye, hair color and IQ scores are important to many couples, IVF Cyprus clinics provide a sense of egg donor’s unique qualities in the egg donor profiles.

This psychographic information on egg donors is derived from screening interviews conducted by well-trained psychologists.

Patients traveling for egg donation in Cyprus have the peace of mind that administrative staff of IVF clinics in Nicosia will coordinate all the logistical details of egg donor selection including interviewing, matching, legal documenting and medical and psychological screening.

Cyprus is one of the most cost friendly destinations for egg donation offering patients multiple payment plans to facilitate financing the procedure. The lower cost of living, cheap overhead charges on the island gave rise to affordable fertility practice in Cyprus while sustaining world-class medical service.

The island’s appealing geographic location sprawling three regions including Asia, Europe and the Middle East allow patients to easily access Cyprus from world main cities and save on travel expenses.

North Cyprus IVF Center vows to provide patients with seamlessly comfortable journey of family building. And in commitment to that vow, North Cyprus IVF clinic leave nothing unplanned- from the moment of your arrival to Cyprus to the moment you welcome your baby to life.

You will be picked up at the airport taken to your hotel and to the clinic in maximal convenience and comfort.

Getting to island is an easy affair. Chartered flights are available from major cities in UK such as London, and Manchester on low cost airlines (Monarch, Flythomascook and Easyjet).

If you are having a finding it difficult to conceive and cannot afford fertility treatments in Europe or the US, travel to Cyprus for egg donation and become your own egg donation success story. 
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