IVF Cost at Nadezhda clinic, Sofia, Bulgaria – great information

I have had a great reply to my letter requesting the IVF cost, IVF success rate and IVF procedure from Nadezhda Clinic in Sophia, Bulgaria. The very in depth details they sent me can be seen below. Contact details and more information on Nadezhda clinic, Sofia, Bulgaria can be found at: http://www.medspa.bg/en/view-treatment-and-rehabilitation/1/infertility-ivf.html http://www.medspa.bg/en/view-hospital/3/nadejda-fertility-clinic.html   The […]

IVF Cost at Center for Human Reproduction

The same day as I sent my letter requesting information on the IVF cost, IVF success rate and IVF procedure to the Center for Human Reproduction “Dimitrov” in Bulgaria I received the reply below. The price seems pretty good considering it includes all the medication. It does, however require a fairly lengthy stay in Bulgaria […]