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IVF Cost at North Cyprus IVF Centre, Cyprus – great information

Below is the response to my IVF letter from Ahmet Ozyigit, the IVF Coordinator at North Cyprus IVF Centre. The response is thorough and clear, really good information. If you would like to contact the clinic directly their contact details are: North Cyprus IVF Centre 143 Bedrettin Demirel Avenue, Kumsal-Nicosia / Northern Cyprus Phone: +90 392 227 […]

IVF Cost at Bourn Hall Clinic, Dubai, UAE

The response to my letter from the Bourn Hall Clinic in Dubair, UAE is shown below.   The questions I have regarding treatment at your clinic are: 1.    What is the current success rate for your clinic? (preferably by age as I know that the success rate will be much lower for somebody of my age) […]