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IVF Cost at Bourn Hall Clinic, Dubai, UAE

The response to my letter from the Bourn Hall Clinic in Dubair, UAE is shown below.


The questions I have regarding treatment at your clinic are:

1.    What is the current success rate for your clinic? (preferably by age as I know that the success rate will be much lower for somebody of my age)


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2.    How many cycles do you perform per year at the clinic?


Our clinic opened to patients in September 2012 so it is early days yet. Currently we are carrying out about 25 cycles per month


3.    What is the maximum age that you treat?


We do not have a formal age limit but will assess each case individually and give an opinion on the likelihood of success.  We believe strongly that patients need to be given honest and comprehensive information about treatment options.


4.    Are there any fertility conditions that you will not treat?


In the UAE, we are unable to offer treatment involving the use of donated sperm or eggs


5.    What is your embryo transfer policy? How many embryos will you replace at one time?


Our maximum limit is usually two embryos as there is a substantial amount of evidence showing that this gives the best live birth rate, as opposed to the best pregnancy rate. If more embryos are transferred, multiple pregnancy is more likely and this leads to a higher risk of miscarriage.


6.    What is the basic cost of the IVF treatment?


We offer a number of treatment packages but the basic cost would be AED28,000 without medication.


7.    What additional costs would / could be incurred?


Medication can add substantially to this, maybe AED5000-8000 depending on circumstances. Some patients may require certain tests done, such as hormone blood tests. We do offer a number of inclusive packages that can be tailored to individual needs.


8.    What happens to the costs if the cycle has to be abandoned?


If a cycle is abandoned before egg collection, the patient will only have to pay for the medication used.



9.    How long would I need to be in Dubai for?


This depends on the exact regime used but, in general, treatment can start with a period and be completed by about 3 weeks later.


10.  Who deals with the logistics of flights and accommodation?


Our administrative staff can assist with travel and accommodation requirements.

Our Administration

11.  How is the pre-treatment carried out?


Pre-treatment may not be necessary in  most cases. It is best if the patient can be seen at some point before treatment to check for major issues but this can be done locally with their regular physician.

12.  How do I get medication?


We will supply all medication needed.


13.  How will I be monitored?


We conduct regular ultrasound scans and blood tests throughout the treatment cycle, so several visits are required.


14.  How will I know that I am not being under / over stimulated?


This is the purpose of the monitoring, to ensure that optimal stimulation occurs.


15.  If I have a problem whilst in the UK who would I go to?


We do have a clinic in the UK, near Cambridge , but obviously this will be convenient for everyone, in which case a local gynaecologist can usually help. We are happy to liaise with them as needed.


16.  Is the clinic registered with any regulatory body?


As required, the clinic is registered with the Dubai health Authority and licensed for IVF treatment. This is the only regulatory requirement in the UAE.


I apologise for the long list, the more I look into having IVF treatment the more complex it seems to get!

I look forward to hearing from you.


The contact details for the clinic are:

Hudaiba Awards Buildings
Block C,7th Floor
P.O. Box 113931
Dubai, UAE

Toll Free -800-IVF (483)
Tel. +971 4 705 5055
Fax. +971 4 705 5056


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2 Responses to “IVF Cost at Bourn Hall Clinic, Dubai, UAE”

  1. Comment by Zarrina

    Hi I am looking now to have IVF as my partner had vasectomy reverse and its been now 2.5 years and we still have no luck. We submitted his sperms test 3 times and the results came not really good, the % of the good sperms are very low. Can you please advice if I have any chance…

    thank you

  2. Comment by Jean Paul

    i will like to find out about the IVF cost in your Clinic .Infact i have been living with my wife for two years now but unfortunately no baby.we’ll like to find the cost of insemination in your clinic and how long its going to take for us to undergo the process.