IVF Cost at Fakih IVF, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Here is the information given to me on the cost of IVF, the procedure and the success rates from Fakih IVF in Dubai, United Arab Emitates. They have given good, comprehensive replies to the questions asked.


Hi Sue,

The answers to your queries are as follows:

The questions I have regarding treatment at your clinic are:

1. What is the current success rate for your clinic? (preferably by age as I know that the success rate will be much lower for somebody of my age) Our clinical success rates of both clinics in Dubai and Abu Dhabi (i.e. we can see the pregnancy by ultrasound) are updated on our Success Rates page by age group. Here’s the snapshot.
Patient age           Success Rate
<35                               63.4%
35-37                           59.2%
38-40                          43.3%
41-42                           32.0%
≥43                              12.5%

2. How many cycles do you perform per year at the clinic? We had done 780 cycles in Dubai in 2012 and growing steadily.

3. What is the maximum age that you treat? 45

4. Are there any fertility conditions that you will not treat? Women with no uterus, or women with no eggs.

5. What is your embryo transfer policy? How many embryos will you replace at one time? 1 or 2 or 3, depending on the case.

6. What is the basic cost of the IVF treatment? AED 30,000 inclusive of all consultations from Day 2/3 of the period, ultrasounds, hormone injections, egg retrieval, ICSI, embryo transfer, up till the 2nd pregnancy test.

7. What additional costs would / could be incurred? Maybe a semen analysis is required or maybe a vaginal swab is needed. Sometimes antibiotics are also prescribed.

8. What happens to the costs if the cycle has to be abandoned? We refund the balance of the treatment.

9. How long would I need to be in Dubai for? The treatment lasts for 3-4 weeks.

10. Who deals with the logistics of flights and accommodation? We have a page on our website to help international patients find a hotel. We don’t take care of flights, but we can issue a letter of invitation if it helps.

11. How is the pre-treatment carried out? Depending on the case, we sometimes start stimulation outside the UAE. Usually we do that for couples who prefer to remain in their country and who don’t have major fertility problems, or couples with a male infertility problem and the wife is healthy). All tests and stimulation will be liaised between our clinic and an obstetrician/gynecologist in their country. Also, some men who need to come to us for Micro-TESE operation and who send us their hormone results may need to take some supplements or medication to help them produce sperm so that when we perform the operation there is a higher chance of finding sperm.

12. How do I get medication? Through your doctor, and based on our recommended doses which are based on the results of blood tests and ultrasounds.

13. How will I be monitored? Through regular blood tests and ultrasounds.

14. How will I know that I am not being under / over stimulated? We closely monitor your hormone levels by regular blood tests and ultrasounds.

15. If I have a problem whilst in the UK who would I go to? You can get in touch with our Patient Advisor by email, or you can call us.

16. Is the clinic registered with any regulatory body? It is registered by the Ministry of Health and HAAD (Health Authority of Abu Dhabi) and soon by international bodies.

Let me know if you need any clarification for any of the above.

Kind regards,

Brand Communications Director

Fakih IVF
P.O. Box 72960 Dubai, UAE
Tel +971 4 349 7600
Fax +971 4 349 7668


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    Dear Mr. Daniel,

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  2. Comment by anonymous

    I see the whole system of Fakih ivf a fraud … I had an ivf with them until embryo implantation because me and my husband had genetic disease we had gone through PGD testing and destroyed all embryos and didn’t have any authentic to prove the reason of failure…I highly recommend don’t go there unless u have lot of money to waste!

  3. Comment by Muhammad

    I was at Fakih ivf clinic in Dubai sometimes in March 2014 and saw Dr Ahmad who carried out series of test including semen analysis but we have to go back to Nigeria before the actual treatment. Now that we want to come back to continue with actual treatment, we will like the clinic to send us the cost of the treatment and the bank account to which we will send the money from our country. I have phone Dr Ahmad and he ask me to go through this website. Thanks.

  4. Comment by Anonymous

    Hi,i have a friend and she have 3kids to her first husband and seperated since 2004,now she found a good man and they got married,shes 35yrs of age and wanted to have a baby to her husband now whose 72yrs of age,but the problem is. My friend she already closed when she deliver her last baby..is there any possible way for her to have a baby again?is there any operation possible to do?lookin forward to ur help.thanks and godbless

  5. Comment by Anonymous

    Completely , the whole system of Fakih ivf is a fraud … I had an ivf with them until embryo implantation because me and my husband wants family balancing, we had gone through PGD testing I was told I had 10 good eggs but at last only 1 was good and was transferred but failed . They didn’t have any authentic to prove the reason of failure…I highly recommend don’t go there unless u have lot of money to waste!