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Archive for November, 2011

IVF Cost at Poliklinika IVF, Croatia

I have had a response to my IVF Cost letter from Poliklinika IVF in Croatia, where their founder was the fourth person to create an IVF baby in Europe and the eighth in the World. The contact details for Poliklinika are: POLIKLINIKA IVF VO─ćARSKA 14 10000 ZAGREB CROATIA Here is the response: Dear […]

IVF Cost at Garbba Rakshambigai Fertility Centre, Chennai and Trichy, India

In response to my IVF cost letter I have had a great response from Dr. Priya Kannan of Garbba Rakshambigai Fertility Centre who have centres in both Chennai and Trichy in India. Here is the information I have been given: I am Dr. Priya kannan, embryologist at Garbba Rakshambigai Fertility Centre. I have graduated from […]