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My IVF Cost – the Mammogram

So after our eventful trip to Hungary we were left with two things to sort out before I could start taking the IVF medication – my thyroid and a mommogram. The doctor retested for my thyroid (which delayed things yet another week) and then prescribed me thyroid tablets, which he says I will be on […]

My IVF Cost – The Medications

On leaving the Kaali Inst. we walked down the hill (it’s quite a steep hill so the lovely heeled boots came off in favour of a nice comfortable pair of flats!) to the road at the bottom where the pharmacy was – the Deli Gyogyszertar. It was about a 10 minute walk. In the pharmacy […]

My IVF Cost – the first appointment

So, our first consultation was set for 26th October 2009. We had booked our flights out for the morning of the 25th, returning in the early evening of the 26th. Our initial appointment was scheduled for 14:30 on the 26th which meant that it was going to be very tight for us catching our flight […]

My IVF Cost – the pre-appointment tests

So at last, things were starting to happen. We had our first appointment regarding our IVF at the Kaali Inst. IVF Centre for the 26th October 2009 and had received a list of tests that needed doing before we attended. The list of tests is: Test required for IVF-ICSI treatment:  FSH, LH, estradiol, PRL, […]

My IVF Cost – Choosing a Clinic

Can you believe it, at last we have actually taken the leap of faith and made our decision! This was actually a very hard part of the process, to say enough is enough, we have gathered as much information as is reasonable, and now we have to make a choice and get things moving. So […]