IVF Cost at Sandton Fertility Centre, South Africa

Within four days I received the following reply to my letter requesting IVF cost, IVF success rates and IVF procedure information from Sandton Fertility Centre in South Africa. I have added the approximate costs in US$ in pink. Most of my questions have been answered directly although there is little detail on monitoring etc.

See my replies in red

  1. What is the current success rate for your clinic? (preferably by age as I know that the success rate will be much lower for somebody of my age)At your age it is less than 5%, it may be difficult to accept but your best option is Egg Donation
  2. How many cycles do you perform per year at the clinic?120 cycles
  3. What is the maximum age that you treat?41
  4. Are there any fertility conditions that you will not treat?
  5. What is your embryo transfer policy? How many embryos will you replace at one time?3 embryos but in egg donation 2
  6. What is the basic cost of the IVF treatment?Approx 30000 rands (approx. US$ 3,335)
  7. What additional costs would / could be incurred?Initial consultation 1000 rands (approx. US$110), blood tests 1000 (approx. US$110). These are approximate costs
  8. What happens to the costs if the cycle has to be abandoned?The cost is calculated propotionally
  9. How long would I need to be in South AfricaApproximately 3 weeks
  10. Who deals with the logistics of flights and accommodation?Yourself
  11. How is the pre-treatment carried out?
  12. How do I get medication?You can ourschase it from the pharmacy
  13. How will I be monitored?If u in SA we will monitor u
  14. How will I know that I am not being under / over stimulated?
  15. If I have a problem whilst in the UK who would I go to?
  16. Is the clinic registered with any regulatory body?In SA there is noregulatory body



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167 Responses to “IVF Cost at Sandton Fertility Centre, South Africa”

  1. Comment by M ASIF

    iam recommended to go for icsi for becoming a biological father.because of my very low sper count it is 4sperms/hpf but thay are motile. pleasre give me ur fuull addresses and a cost forICSI . IN RANDS. I AM STAYIING IN BITSWANA CURRENTLY. PLEASE GIVE ME THE TIME DURATION ALSO.

  2. Comment by kayakazi nombewu

    i wouid like to know the cost for ivf in south africa as i was told by my doctor that im having blocked fallopian tubes.did 2 laprotomy for tuboplasty but failed to concieve.

  3. Dear Sir,
    I just returned from East Africa where I was given a post of IVF Director, but they couldn,t recruit the cases as they didn’t have the concept of IVF, Down Regulaton, Stimulation Injections, Media etc. I am searching for a job in South Africa. Can you suggest me some opening?
    Dr. Chitre

  4. Comment by olabisi

    i am age 48 have a partner considering black or mixed race donor egg ivf treatment. Did all necessary test which was alright. how much is the cost

  5. Comment by olabisi

    i am 48 yrs have a partner considering going for ivf treatment and would need black or mixed donor. I have done all necessary test ready to be faxed if requested. what is the cost?

  6. Comment by Dr GH Mohamed

    Please could you give me the contact details of Dr Pradeep Chitre who has posted a comment here., or send him my e mail. Regards
    Dr GH Mohamed

  7. Comment by pauline

    please I want to know the cost of IVF in Sandton fertility centre and the duration of the treatment. I have tried ivf once but could not succeed as Doctors say I did not produce any egg at the end of IVF treatment in 2007. Of recent my qynaecologist sent me on a hormone profile test which according to her there are chances for me to conceive through IVF, this result can be send to you if you request me to.

  8. Comment by Oseme

    Dear Sisters!
    My husband and i have been trying to conceive but, we were told that we need ivf because they did a test and discovered tat my tubes are blocked. I do produce eggs, but we can’t afford ivf as it is quite expensive.We are in London. I am really desperate and willing to help.

  9. Comment by Mavis

    I’m 34yrs old i will like to know the cost of ivf in Sandton Fertility Centre.I have the 2 of my fallopian tube been removed in 1999 & 2001.I desperately need help

  10. Comment by abon

    hi i will like to know the consultation fee in ur centre because i am confuse. i dont realy know the caues of my infertility problem. i have been told that i have overian cyst, block tube and tite cervix . the fist gynaecologist said i had tite cervix that sperm could not get through, the other said i have blocktube and simple overian cyst.can you please also give me the cost of overlation test because i dont know if am ovelating. i want to now if the can be any chance for me to have a child without going through semination method. am 28 years old living j!burg.

  11. Comment by Kim

    I am 34 years old, made a bad choice when I was single to have a sterilisation in 2003. Now I am happily married to a wonderful man, but can’t give him children. My Fallopian tubes have been clamped, not cut. My period is regular on a 21 day cycle and every month there is always a hope that I wouldn’t get my period and be pregnant but to no avail. My partner & I are considering IVF, we would like the cost of the entire process (if you are able to help me). What are my chances?

  12. Comment by Sindy

    I have a question for Dr. Mohamed:

    I became pregnant in November 2008. I had a “miscarriage” on the 28/12/08 and had a DNC on 06/01/09 I went into hospital on 16/01/09 to have my appendix removed (as the pain was so bad and seemed to get worse and we thought is was my appendix). Turned out that I never miscarried and that I had an Etopic pregnancy all along, my fallopian tube burst and my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant again ever since without any luck. I stay in Johannesburg, and we are considering going for IVF as this will rule out the chances of having another etopic as I am terrified at this stage. I’m 28 and my husband 29. What is the success rate of IVF at our age?

  13. Comment by Evangeline Jack

    How are you. I am a lady aged 26 and am interested in the IVF treament. Recent HSG shows that there is billateral tubal occlusion after i had billateral tubal reimplantation last year. We have already done all the neccesary test for ivf and we alo have a recomendation letter from our dctor. We stay in Zimbabwe and will be happy to commence treament soonest. Am really looking forward to your reply.

  14. Hello,Nice to meet you.We(my wife and me) are currently suffering with infertility.But,We never give up to conceive a baby.I’m looking forward to see your future posts.

  15. Comment by admin

    Sorry to hear that you are suffering from infertility also – but that is the spirit, never give up on your dream.
    All the best,

  16. Comment by amenenge

    i am 35 years and my husbaqnd is 38, i had an ectopic pregnancy in 2006 and since then we have been trying to concive but to no avail. i visted a Dr last year and told me that the only tube left after the ectopic is also damaged. we are so desperate to have a child and are now considering having the IVF. please send me your costs of the whole process. we are living in Namibia and also would like to know if i need a Dr referal to be attended to.

    looking forward to your positive reply

  17. Comment by memory mhuriro

    Hi, my husband have got a low sperm count but the wife (29) that is myself does not have any problem related to infertity, have gone for IVF to cape fertility clinic in 2008 f but it failed two times on embryo transfer stage. every stage was successfull, I produced 15 eggs but the transfer stage was not successful, dont know why, we were not given a reason why, we now want to try IVF with you, whats the cost, is there a chance of a successful pregnancy through artificial insemination if the sperm count is low, would prefer A.I this time.

  18. Comment by Yasmin Hassim

    Hi could you please tell me what the cost would be for IVF ?… I have already had two IUI and both failed… As far as im aware i do not have any problems. I have three children from my previous marriage with no complications. Im 34yrs and my husband is 41yrs of age. We have ben married four years so far. Your response would be greatly appreciated.
    Yasmin Hassim. Pretoria

  19. Comment by bitha

    I m 44. looking for egg donor. I m black. how can you help me?

  20. Comment by Almaz Asefa

    my name is almaz i like to have a baby so bad i been pregnant before and ihav one boy age 10 and my age is 42 can you help me by using doner egg becouse thy sugest me that in usa if you can contact me by this e mal and my phone no

  21. Comment by Deangelo Crossin

    Great post can you recommend any forums to join?

  22. Comment by admin

    Dear Deangelo,

    You could try Fertility Friends at http://www.fertilityfriends.co.uk/forum/index.php, or Fertility Zone at http://www.fertilityzone.co.uk/

    All the best,

  23. Comment by Cindy

    I would like to do an artificial insemination, I dont have a problem with conceiving. the thing is I suspect that Im HIV positive and my husband is HIV negative. What are cost to do this process. please advice.

  24. Comment by pd

    my husband and i have been married for three years now. we have been trying since we got married,the problem is i think that my tubes is also blocked. we do not have medical to go and see a doctor. i have been on fertomid 50g twice and nothing has happened. should i let him test his sperm count or move to 100g fertomid? we are at the point of desperate,because i do not want children after 30years… we are both 27…. hhhhhhheeeeeeelllllllpppppp…..

  25. Comment by Ngwane

    Can someone please let me know if they have had a successful IVF at Sandton clinic. Im planning on IVF and wondering where to go. Im 29 years. im 127kgs too. There are a few things i need to do before then. Im tod i need to lose weight and cut my scared tube. Off course the financial part is really a hustle. But i know God will make all possible. Please someone tell me you got pregnant at Sandton thru IVF

  26. Comment by Cindy


  27. Comment by kele

    which hotels can i use when im in your clinic for 3 weeks? Include how much they charge per night?

  28. Comment by Nataniel E Mazivila

    Dear Dr.Mohamed

    I am 40 years old and my wife she is 31 years old and we have married for 5 years. And we do not have a child but we are needing. We have had a lot of treatment locally but no success. So we decided to do artificial insemination. I would like to know the following:
    1. What is necessary to perform artificial insemination?
    2. How much it does cost?
    3. How long the process takes?
    4. Whay additional cost would/ could be incurred?

    I look forwards to hearing from you.

    Best regards

    N E Mazivla

  29. Comment by Nomusa

    how much will it cost to do the in vetro fertilization

  30. Comment by admin

    Hi Nomusa,

    Questions 6, 7 and 8 give the costs:

    6 What is the basic cost of the IVF treatment?Approx 30000 rands (approx. US$ 3,335)
    7 What additional costs would / could be incurred?Initial consultation 1000 rands (approx. US$110), blood tests 1000 (approx. US$110). These are approximate costs
    8 What happens to the costs if the cycle has to be abandoned?The cost is calculated propotionally

    All the best,

  31. she has never been pregenat before,she is 43 years old,she had a fibriod surgery in December 2009 where her left ovaries were removed and she is left with the right overies,do u think the right overies has eggs? ever since the surgery she has not had her monthly period,do u still think surrogancy is possible?. please reply via the email address.janetijale@rocketmail.com. do you offer surrogancy? send me the cost please.thanks.

  32. she is in Abuja,Nigeria.kindly include the cost of accomadation if it will be provided by the hospital or not.

  33. Comment by Yolanda

    What is the current success rate for your clinic for someone age 28-30?

  34. Comment by lindz

    my partner has a low sperm count of 8 million per–, tests done to me and seem to be normal. my doctor has suggested an IVF. we’v done artificial insemination with no luck. so we realy want kids. when to make the first appointment if we want to do the procedure in january 2011.

  35. Comment by Motsibi

    I’m 33 years old woman from South Africa and would like to know the cost of IVF, i have been to my gynae and was told i have hormonal imbalance and at my early age of 18 my fallopian tubes were blocked so i went to menstrual circle after they were unblocked but still depended on triphasil to see my periods, i have stopped taking them and i do i’m never on periods.so i have decided to do IVF but i need to know what am up agaist and to know what would cost me to perform the procedure,is it possible to have twins on the fisrt attempt?

  36. Comment by N. Reed

    My husband had a vasectomy before we got married and he had 2 operations to try and reverse it but they say that he has no spurm. I want to know if there is another way they could get spurm? maybe through his testicles? Could you please let me know as we really want to have a baby

  37. Comment by ramulwetsi

    hi dr mahommed

    doctor me and husband we been trying to have a baby for 10 years now. i did have an ectopic pregnacy in 1999 please help me .

    i just want to know your cost price is it cash,credit payment or the madical aid can pay the bill


  38. Comment by ramulwetsi

    am 41 years old and am married for 10 years.1999 i did have an ectopic pregnancy on the left tube since then i did’nt conceive any more please help me. response through the email: gndhlovu@environmental.gov.za


  39. Comment by Milli Brown

    I’ve tried IVF twice unsuccessfully in South Africa. I do ovulate and my hunsband’s sperm quality is superb as well. What may be the course of the failure. Sometime ago I was diagnosed with with an infection in my womb or fallopian tube can’t recall. I’m desperate…

  40. Comment by kiwa

    Hello Dr,
    Iwas done tuballigapion without my consent, iam a pala 1+0.

    Is it possible do IVF on such a case??

  41. Comment by kiwa

    Hello Dr,
    Iwas done tuballigapion without my consent, iam a pala 1+0.

    Is it possible to do IVF on such a case??

  42. Comment by sibongile

    im 39yrs of age from soweto i did have two ectopic my tubes both tubes have been cut off is it possible for me to have a baby by using IVF.me & my partner we;ve been traying for years nothing is happening. IVF is expensive if want to do it can i pay innstalment in monthly bases,because i cant afford to pay R30000 CASH

  43. Comment by bmf

    i had 2 timea surgery for severe endometriosis,and the last time dianosiswas ovary faillure.i’m in sa.the last alternative is IVF.
    is it possible?,at the same price or not.how will you find the egg,what is the alternative if i can not produise my owm eggs even after simulation

  44. Comment by Koehler

    To whom it may concern,

    we have two boys and for the purpose of a balanced family planning would like to have a girl as our final child. On natural course the probability however would be low hence I would like to know if you also offer a gender/sex selection similar to the IVF in Cape Town?
    Stefan Koehler

  45. Comment by Kibos

    Am of 48 years with low sperm counts with a wife of 25 years who is normal , what are my chances of success in IVF .

  46. Comment by liyu

    i went ivf fertlilty i ime living in ades abeba pelis contaket me.

  47. Comment by liyu

    i im35 years i like to have a baby so bad i been pregnat before 15 years ago i have 2 bloke fallopin tube bet know i ned ivf fertility in saude arebya and the ivf cost please contact me.

  48. Comment by Dr. Samuel

    Can anyone tell me where IVF can be done for HIV positive couples, Please? I have a desperate couple I want to refer.

  49. Comment by admin

    Hi Dr Samuel,

    Nairobi IVF Centre treats HIV positive couples. You can contact Mr. Olegs Tucs at olegs.tucs@gmail.com, or telephone +254 – 2731978.

    All the best,

  50. Comment by mumsy

    m a 26 yr old lady. i found out i have blocked tubes after hyterosalpingography. amh was 3.17. the scan of ovaries was ok n all hormones; insulin, lh, prolactin, tsh, progesteron were normal and sperm count and all were ok. stayn in gaborone. how much should i prepare n how long will we spend our tym there?

  51. Comment by jenny

    i would like to know if there were any lesbian girls out there that had insaminasion done. an give me and my partner some info about how we can go about doning it please. we are together for 10y now and we would love to have a baby. thank you so much.

  52. Comment by Pelonomi Thelo

    i want to conceive, using my husband’s sperm, i am 40yrs old. can you make it without sexual intercourse. Do you take medical Aid. should i come with the refferal letter or i can just appoint for myself. is this R30 000 paid cash.

    my friend’s two tubes are blocked can you help her to conceive.

    is there a possibity to conceive whereby wife is HIV Positive and Husband is HIV Negative.

  53. Comment by ntombi Fakudze

    which food should i eat mostly before i start my IVF. I need to do in April.

  54. Comment by hazel

    ive done ivf (embroy transfer) on the 14 dec but the hcg tested negative

  55. Comment by Louise Williams

    I would like to know where in southafrica I can go for IVF. r u the only one in South Africa…. As I live in Zimbabwe but am South African, I would like to know what the procedure is like How long it takes & when to do it.

  56. Comment by Louise Williams

    I had an op last yr end of oct… I had fibroids & they were bleeding badly & left holes in my tube. My Gyno said my chances of geting pregnant are 0-50% I should consider IVF. I would also like to know the success rate of IVF. As I live in Zimbabwe & am of South African nationality… Is there an IVF in pretoria? Are u the only IVF hospital? what would be required from me. I would like to get pregnant early this yr.

  57. Comment by Natasha

    I am a 27 year old female. I under went an operation to remove a cyst and the doctors hand slipped and he cut the fallopian tube. My husband and I want to have a baby yet we are not sure of prices and what process we would best suit. Would IVF be our best option or is there another process. Costs are important. Please help with info

  58. Comment by Kibowa Athuman

    I have been your patient two times without success and am planning to have a third time with your clinic with a new young spouse at around 15th of Feb 2011. could you please book for me a hostel and tell me the total cost . Please tell me whether the clinic will be open in that particular time

  59. Comment by Dudu

    Hi doctor, we’v been to doctors doing test becouse we r tryng for a baby for over a year and now we wanna know wer cn we go foe IVF/ICSI? Becouse my fiancer have the low sperm count. Please help us with the cost and the contact numbers.

  60. Comment by cebsile mhlanga

    my husband has 4% of normal forms of sperms, so is it posible for us to do a IVF, iF how much can we pay, please give me all details.

  61. Comment by Jimmy

    Hi, when can we make an appointment, how much does it cost?

  62. Comment by Spokie

    My husband (40) had a vasectomy about 12 years ago. I’m a 31 year old woman and would like to know if its possible if we could use my husbands sperm for artificial insemination? And what will the costs be? We live in Cape Town

  63. Comment by Boitumelo

    Yello. My medical aid pays R31 000.00 per anum for fertility treatment, but I still have to find a doctor that would accept payment via CAMAF Medical Aid for IVF. I am based in Johanesburg.

  64. Comment by Spokie

    IVF Cost at Sandton Fertility Centre, South Africa

    So, what’s/where’s the answers?

  65. Comment by admin

    Hi Spokie,

    The costs are shown above in the response they gave me to my letter:

    What is the basic cost of the IVF treatment?Approx 30000 rands

    All the best,

  66. Comment by Boitumelo

    Do you accept medical aid, my medical aid pays R31 000.00 per anum?

  67. Comment by kay pitso

    how much is the basic cost for me and my husband to be assisted to have identical twins?

  68. Comment by Simonall

    I would like to know the price of the ivf or the treatment for the insemination?

  69. Comment by pierre

    I would like to give a couple some of my sperm. They can mail me for free.

  70. Comment by pierre

    I would like to give a couple some of my sperm. They can mail me for free.

    they can mail me at pierre7@webmail.com

  71. Comment by esi

    I would like to know the cost of ivf with surrogate

  72. Comment by admin

    Hi Esi,

    I do forward all enquiries on to Dr GH MOHAMED but I am not sure whether he replies or not as I never get any feedback. If you do not get a response from him you can try Nurture (http://www.ivfcost.net/ivf-cost/ivf-cost-in-south-africa-with-donor-eggs-or-surragacy-good-price-and-a-great-idea), they specialise in surragacy and are very good at responding to enquiries – contact Kim at kim@nurture.co.za.

    All the best,

  73. Comment by PIERRE


    I am a 36 year old white male who want to help anybody to get pregnant by giving my sperm for free. As lons as its private and confidential.

    mail me at pierre7@webmail.co.za


  74. Comment by pierre

    ANY LADY WANT MY SPERM MAIL ME AT pierre7@webmail.co.za

  75. Comment by Thomas Samala

    can a woman who had undergone BTL conceive through IVF using her own eggs and what would be the cost? what could be the minimum time elapse from the time of undertaking BTL to try and conceive? what are the likely heath risks that could arise during pregnancy?

  76. Comment by Jabulane

    Hi there I am a 29 year old male and my girlfriend is 26 and we’ve been struggling to conceive. Can you give us the exact amount for the IVF treatment

  77. Comment by AP

    Hi, does certain medical aids pay for this process or is it seen as something else?

  78. Comment by Royd

    My wife is 45 and has had an ectopict pregnancy that led to her loss of the fallopian tube. We have tried having babies but in vain. Can your hospital be of assistance?

  79. Comment by Japie


    My wife had PCOS, but was treated. I recently had a spermiogram, and my sperm morphologt shows that I have only 5% normal sperms. I am 33, and my wife is 25. What is the cost of the ICSI (estimates shown in site rather old?), and what is the chances of the procedure being a success?



  80. Comment by Denise

    Dr Mahomed please advise the total cost of IVF and whether the cost includes all drugs. I did IVF once in 2008 and did not produce many eggs. Had 1 embryo transferred and failed. I have stage 4 endometriosis and my gynae says my tubes would of got blocked again. Last lapro surgery was in March 2007. Do you use the intralipid drip in your IVF procedure? Does this drip assist endometriosis patients? Please advise.

  81. Comment by christine

    hi i have been sterilized for 4 years now and would like to know if i can go for ivf,i have been told that they can reverse the sterilization,but from advice from friends they suggested that i rather go for this ivf,what is the cost? please

  82. Comment by ayanda

    Im 31 want to concieve but am HIV Positive and my Partner is Negative.Im in S.A how much is the IVF?does Gems medical Aid cover it?.Reply in my email adress pls dont publish the response.nokoj@yahoo.com

  83. Comment by ayanda

    im 31 leaving in s.a Hiv Pos my partner is neg,how much is IVF ?does GEms medical aid cover it.dont publish the response.frm nokoj@yahoo.com

  84. Comment by SHARON

    hi dr GH MOHAMED,
    am female aged 27 and am married to a 55 year old man who happened to have a vasectomy operation in 1993 and we are newly married looking forward to having two children together.in the UK there was 30 to 33% chance of reversal and now stayin in Zambia where we are told its impossible to reverse with his age,we are thinking of considering IVF but we may need to seek proffessional advice on how to go about it.
    your quick response will be highly appreciated
    many regards
    sharon chipili.

  85. Comment by Erica Botha

    Good morning,
    I am a 32 year old female from South Africa. I was married before and had 2 children and still can have kids. Got divorced 2 years ago and got married in this year to my new husband of 38 years of age. I would love to have one more, but he was “fixed” about 8 years ago. Is there any options for us to try and conceive? Can he be reversed and what will it cost? His tubes was cut. Before we can think of IVF as our last option.
    Please advise. would love to know if there is hope for us….

    Thank you
    Erica Botha

  86. Comment by AJAO YETUNDE

    My name is Mrs. Yetunde Ajao, 33 years old, Nigerian.
    I did Copper T family planning about 8 years ago before I got married in 2004. I have menstrual disorder for some months before I removed it.
    Since the year 2004 that I have got married I have been looking for child but I have no pregnancy since then. Please I want you to furnish me with more information on what to be done and how to do it.
    My e-mails are yettymama12000@gmail.com, yettymama12000@yahoo.com and tiyebaba12000@yahoo.com.
    Please I need your quick response so that I can start the treatment in time.

    Yours faithfully,

    Yetunde Ajao (Mrs)

  87. Comment by Munyai vhulahani

    I want to come for i.v.f .ond december .i am 31 years old women with no child.

  88. Comment by Chantal

    I really need fast information just to make sure i will have no desipoitments when seeing you on thursday 9 July 2011 at 11am.

    I fell pregnant in 1997 for the first time after being married only 3 weeks (honeymoon baby) everything whent fine until i got to 28 weeks my daughter is 12 years at the moment but were born on 28 weeks with a emergency c-section. after her i had 3 miscarriges. then i re-married and got pregnant with twins but lost them on 14 weeks due to personal problems with my step daugter. in 2002 me and my husband felt pregnant with a little girl but again on 24 weeks due to personal problems again with my stepdaugter she were to premature and passed away 8 hours after birth.
    i have never used any protection in my life and the same with my husband. we tried to fall pregnant after our daughter but with no luck we tried for 4 years and just gave up. in January 2011 i founded out i were finally pregnant 8 years after our daugter that was born with a emergency c-section.
    my pregnancy went on with out any problems. at 24 weeks i were admitted to hospital and our son were born on 24 weeks on 1 May 2011, and were called a micro prem baby, after a full investigation were done on my plasenta and afterbith we founded out that the problem were not on my side but to a family member that visited us 2 weeks prior to this and her child had chiken pops i never had any child illnesses and got chikenpops that went back into my body and my feavers were extreamily high that were the cause of our son being born premature and died on the 4th May 2011.
    we want to fall pregnant asap due to our ages i am 32 and my husband are turning 46 this year. in our case will you assist us with falling pregnant only if it is to inplant my husband semen into myself. please i need to know this my appointment with you are on thursday the 9th June 2011 at 11, and would rather have an answer to my question that to hear the dissapointment in your office after paying my consiltation fee.

    Chantal Els

  89. Comment by princess

    Hi! please help i am 33 years of age still no child, doctors told me that my reproductive system was not well developed. so iwon’t be able to conceive since i do not have a womb. i love children very badly, i am really desperate and need help. Please i need help financially since i believe IVF is quite expensive.

  90. Comment by Chantal

    hi to all this Dr’s never reply to anybodys answers i had an appointment on the 9th June and just nevervshowed up for the appointment bhe never made nany contact nwith me via email SO I DONT TRJUST HIM AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. Comment by Bom

    Is it only IVF that you are doing?

  92. Comment by Iria Comfort Pittori

    I am considering visiting South Africa and want to have an ivf due 2 my husband low sperm count, i currently live in Nigeria and will like 2 know the cost in dollar and also how long the process take. Am looking forward to your response.

  93. Comment by Anneline

    Hi Doc I just want to find out I am 32 and we really want a baby, but i am sterilized so we want to do the ivf, but it is very expensive can you give me your costs please. I am in Cape Town.

    Thank you


    pls i will like to consult you . Kindly reply via m,y e-mail address up.

    Thank you.

  95. Comment by admin

    Hi Bom,

    Most of the clinics do a range of fertility treatments, is there a particular treatment you were looking for?

    All the best,

  96. Comment by merid

    i want general information like the cost of treatment, duration of treatment …..

  97. Comment by memory Mhuriro

    Please i would like to know the following concerning IVF, am married for 8 yrs now but struggling to have a baby due to low sperm count, me the wife i dont have any problem concerning infertility, tried IVF twice in cape town unsuccessfull, would want to try for another cycle with your clinic,

    1. Whats you IVF total cost?
    2. What tests do you do before IVF for both the wife and husband
    3. Do you freeze embroyos, if yes for how long and how much does it cost to freeze them?
    4. Whats your IVF success rates, am aged 31?
    5. How many embroyos do you transfer at a time? I want as many embroyos as 5 to be transfered is it possible?
    6. Whats medicined do you use for superovulation as well as after implating embroyos
    7. How many days does you treatment takes?

    Am looking forward to your reply


  98. Comment by mike


  99. Comment by hlehle

    I am a lesbian born in the eastern cape i really need to do this IVF my girlfriend is older than me and doesnt mind please tell me how it works the proccess and everythng i want to be sure the cost and how long it wil take….awaiting your response thank you in advance

  100. Comment by admin

    Hi Hlehle,

    I have forwarded your enquiry to Sandton, however lately they do not seem to have been responding to emails so it could be worth giving them a call.

    All the best,

  101. Comment by asisat

    can i please have your phone number?

  102. Comment by shalane

    Hi is the price still the same can only one give me more info on this treatment?

  103. Comment by Dr. IVF

    the prices that mentioned are low cost prices compared to the rest of western world. in some places you pay more than 5000 u.s$ for IVF cycle.
    what about pricing to the rest of the procedures such as ICSI, IUI?

  104. Comment by admin

    Dr IVF,

    The prices for procedures such as ICSI and IUI will certainly be useful and it is something I am currently working on, so hopefully we will be able to share and compare those very soon.

    All the best,

  105. Comment by Thabisile

    Good day

    I would like to know if you accept medical aids. I am on a medical aid that covers infertility treatment and IVF included ?

  106. Comment by Nivia Mhango

    hello Dr.

    we are a couple of age 42 husband and 37 wife, married 12 ago and has one child of 7 yrs old through IVF which was carred out in Ghent Belgium. We still need another child and its like it is only through IVF that my wife can concieve.

    We are in Zambia and wanted to know where the centre is, the cost and where we can stay when we come to southafrica. kindly furnish us with all the necessary information. regards

  107. Comment by Pearl

    I’m 26 and my fiance is 35, we’ve been told that my fiance has gem cell aplasia. So we would like to do artificial insemination with donor sperm. How much is the overall cost of the procedure.

  108. Comment by Sheetal Kumbhare

    We are based in Mumbai, Maharashtra help clients to find a right surrogate and helps you with all the legal documentation required for Surrogacy. We help IP to find IVF Doctor’s as per your requirement and budget. We also help you to plan your travel arrangements, Accommodations, and plus we provide all kind of admin support that you require in your surrogacy program.

    Services Offered
    1) IVF/ ICSI
    2)IVF + Egg Donation
    3) IVF + Egg Donation+ Surrogacy
    4) Frozen Embryo transfer

    would like to work with you.


  109. Comment by ibrahim

    I read your ivf processes. My wife is 44 and she wants to do ivf through egg donation. Please break the costs for us tests / consultations, icsi treatment,medications. Do yu accept texts from other country to reduce the time spent for the cycle. How many weeks altogether to finish the cycle. Thank yout

  110. Comment by MEL


  111. Comment by Simon

    my wife is 31 years old and she had bilateral tubal bock.the doc said that its only IVF.we had two attempts in khartuom sudan but failed..so as per har ge how many round she might need?

  112. Comment by Natasha

    Good day, I have 3 kids of my own and remarried 3 years ago. My husband how ever have no children and realy wish to have his own he comes from a 13 year previous marriage and his ex is remamarried and pregnent what must we do to fall pregnent.

  113. Comment by tm


  114. Comment by admin

    Let me know which comment it was and the email address given and I’ll delete it for you.

    All the best,

  115. Comment by Rashida

    What is cost for IVF +PGD.

  116. Comment by Goitse

    My husband and I have two little girls that were conceived naturally, we’d like to have our last, a boy but I we just found out that he’d HIV+ and I’m negative. Will IUI be best for us and what is the cost as we would like to start asap

  117. Comment by mac

    dr rodriduez of medfem clinic sandton is the best Am a nigerian and i know what am saying

  118. Comment by Sean

    My wife wants to opt for IVF at the age of 41. What potential risks are there at this age. Secondly,how is viable sperm obtained as I have had a vasectomy in 1995?
    And what will those costs entail?

  119. Comment by Fazlin

    I am 37 years old, and have no health issues and no problems with getting pregnant. I do however wish to select the sex of my baby. Is this possible using IVF or is there another way?

  120. Comment by Sean

    What will it cost all in? IVF plus Sperm extraction as I had a vasectomy in 1995. Also what is the success rate or viablity with a 50 year old male and 42 year old female?

  121. Comment by Memory Goto

    Am a 29 year old lady who wants to get pregnant but my husband has a low sperm count and I need ivf. Can I have full treatment cost, and is it charged per cycle or per 3 cycles.

  122. Comment by Sheetal Kumbhare

    Dear Sir,
    For IVF/ ICSI ; Surrogacy in India please contact.

    Our IVF Charges are including medicines, injections, 2 attempts, embryo freezing, thawing charges
    for further details please email at sheetal.k@surrogacee.com

  123. Comment by lydia

    i want to be an egg donor for someone

  124. Comment by taiwo ayeni

    i am 36 .what is the success rate at my age

  125. Comment by SEEMA PEBETSE

    i would like to know the cost , my gyno told me that my falopian tube are blocked and it shows as if it is a birth defect , the only available option is IVF .

  126. Comment by nicole

    good day

    i had two ectopic pregnancies and my appendix had to be removed . what would be the chances of me falling pregnant again via ivf?

  127. Comment by Nthabeleng

    Am HIV positive,what are my chances of getting help to conceive via IVF?desperate

  128. Comment by DR NWAOLE E C


  129. Comment by admin

    Dr Nwaole,

    I have forwarded your enquiry to Sandton. I do not generally hear from this clinic so I am not sure if they send a reply direct to you. If you do not receive a reply then I know Nairobi IVF Centre can deal with this situation. You can contact Dr. Joshua Noreh at noreh@africaonine.co.ke.

    All the best,

  130. Comment by sharon

    HI i am 45 years old and was sterilized 10 years ago, my husband wants another child and we were told the only why to do this is via ivf, is that possible, we do not want to use donors. please can you help.?

  131. Comment by bianca todd

    I am 42 years old black woman living in london l am from southern africa. i had my tube clumped 5yrs ago my period is now irreguler. I have been told that Its difficult for me to get pregnant i have to get someone to donate eggs for me. I have some médical problèms which i Can not mention at the moment i would like to know the price of ivf with female egg donation please help

  132. Comment by zandi

    I had an operation whereby the remove a cyst and then after my doctor told me that i will not be able to concive natural but suggested that artificial insermination can be the answer,so i would like to know how much does it cost..

  133. Comment by caroline

    is there anywhere else in zimbabwe where ivf is done?

  134. Comment by admin

    Hi Caroline,

    I have not been able to find an IVF clinic in Zimbabwe. The best thing is to ask your GP if they know of anywhere.

    All the best,

  135. Comment by munyaradzi nyamayaro

    i would like to know the requirements for for an in vitro fertilisation service

  136. Comment by caroline

    Hello I was referred to south Africa for ivf treatment. I have blocked tubes, abnormal levels of prolactin exceeding 200n/g and a pituitary gland tumor was detected through a CT Scan. Could you please provide me with all the necessary information required before I came there since I am a Zimbabwean citizen. Please send me a total cost of the whole cycle. If the process involve scans, blood tests just tell me the names I can have them done here so that I can lower my bill since ivf is expensive. I also have a Zimbabwean medical aid (Cimas private package) which contribute a certain percentage to foreign treatment do you accept it? What happens if the cycle fails? Will I repeat for free or pay for the next cycle.

  137. Comment by caroline

    sue can i have your phone number and email address i want to talk to you directly.

  138. Comment by admin

    Hi Caroline,

    My email address is sue@ivfcost.net.

    All the best,

  139. Comment by Martin

    Hi there

    I am 36 years old and my friend 26. She will be offering her eggs to me and my wife. We would just like to know what the costs involved would be in South africa.

    Please advise

  140. Comment by admin

    Hi Martin,

    If you are looking to use an egg donor in South Africa it could be worth talking to Kim at Nurture, her email address is kim@nurture.co.za, they specialise in egg donation and surrogacy and are very good at answering questions.

    All the best,

  141. Comment by Neo Saungweme

    Hi Doctor,

    I am a 33 year old woman and would like to do an ivf. Kindly advise how much it is and what are the chances of me conceiving after the whole process looking at my age. if it fails what do you do as a doctor and how do you prevent miscarrages at early stages. My other email address is Neo.Saungweme@sc.com

  142. Comment by Joy

    Please could you contact me so that I can find out more about IVF.

  143. Comment by precious

    i have done surgery due to recuuring ovarian cysts,three times now the doctor told me that my tubes are blocked ,i would like to do ivf, please let me know how to go about it

  144. Comment by VISHRADH


  145. Comment by fortune

    i want to how much do i have to put aside for fertility proceducers, if im just starting the process of conceiving

  146. Comment by phoebe sanyamandwe

    would like your e mail address

  147. Comment by admin

    Hi Phoebe,

    The email address for Sandton is ghoor@iafrica.com.

    All the best,

  148. Comment by t. bogatsu

    38 years with endometriosis. Can I get preg with ivf? What’s the cost and success rate?

  149. Comment by t. mantsho

    38 years with endometriosis. Can I get preg with ivf? How much is the cost And the success ratr. Botswana

  150. Comment by t. bogatsu

    38 years with endo. Can I get preg with ivf? What’s the cost and success rate

  151. Comment by yvonne gaboitaolelwe

    Pliz am Motswana I am 42 years having regular periods will u manage to help me can it be successfull and at what rate.My tubes r not blocked no fibroids no cysts but i cant conceive pliz help me “tears falling”‘

  152. Comment by anna

    Now is four years back “can the cost be the same

  153. Comment by anna

    Good day sir / madam

    now how much is the cost in rand

  154. Comment by namhla

    i would lke 2know how much it cost 2 do the ivf

  155. Comment by judith

    I’m judith and lesbian me and my patner really wants kids is it possible?

  156. Hello,

    Jimmy from dr Congo, 6 year after wedding we don’t have a baby. We tried IVF one time in India now it’s 1 year but we fails, we want to try one more time. Let us know the conditions

    Thank you


  157. Comment by Debra

    My name is Debra, how can a woman whose desperately in need of a child, and doesn’t have money can be assisted in doing ivf.

  158. Comment by Debra

    Hi doc it’s Debra is it normal that my menstruation will come once a year, and do I have a chance to have a child the normal way or do I need to do ivf.

  159. Comment by moreen hungwe

    I’m a lady aged 29,l had an opparation for a ovarian tosion july 2013 from there l did not consive and l want a baby,how much is the total cost of IVF.please let me know

  160. Comment by Alvinah

    R35 000 cash

  161. Comment by Johan

    Hi Dr.

    We are an hour away to come and see you could I please get your address.
    We already have an appointment for the 24 March 2015.

    We don’t want to go to the wrong place!

    Thank you.

  162. Comment by Maureen Mwamba

    Hi Doc,

    I am 43 years of age and would like to come for ivf at your clinic. I have had a child before and shes 21 years old since then i have never taken any family planning but would like to try if you can help me concieve and the cost for the whole procedure.

    Waiting for your quickest response.


  163. Comment by Miriam Gibson

    I’m sure God led me to you. You have helped me so much! I will always be grateful and i will keep sharing your testimony for restoring my marriage about your work to any site i come across because there are other people out there who are also in need of your help. keep up the good work Gbenga Okokodu. you can contact him on his email gbengaokokodu@yahoo.in

  164. Comment by Mapata Mapiloko

    Hi Dr, im a woman of 43yrs age.i want to fall pregnant and I once go to c a gynaecologistand he took m for Hsg is whereby they found that one tube is blocked and one other thing am nt ovulating. So I want to go for ivf, how much is it gonna cost m ? Please help m Dr.

  165. Comment by Mubo

    I am 35yrs old and have 2 daughters 4 and 6. I have been trying to get pregnant in the past 3yrs. I have had 3 failed fertomid cycles and 1 failed IUI. I am scheduled for another IUI with more stimulants. I have heard about you even from my Dr and would like to know how much it will cost and your opinion of my chances. took out fibroid last August via open surgery. HSG done prior to abdominal myomectomy and tubes are fine. Its not easy doing these procedures but I would take my chances if I can have success with you.

  166. Comment by owen

    Hi me ND my wife have been trying for a baby for 2years with no good luck ND its frustrating me just need help

  167. Comment by sithabiso Ncube

    hie doc Iam a woman aged 31 and would like to know about your services,I need a child.me and my husband we’re a discodent couple so we dont want to risk our lives by trying the normal way.Do you take Cigna medical aid,its an international medical aid from the USA?

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