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IVF Cost at Medicana International Hospital IVF Center – Istanbul, Turkey – Great Information

I have had a very thorough reply to my IVF Cost Letter from Medicana International Hospital IVF Center – Istanbul, Turkey. Their prices certainly seem reasonable.

The contact details for the clinic are:

Address: Beylikduzu Street No 3, Beylikduzu, Istanbul, Turkey

Phone: +90 212 867 79 18


Here is their response:

The questions I have regarding treatment at your clinic are:

1.What is the current success rate for your clinic? (preferably by age as I know that the success rate will be much lower for somebody of my age)

 Here are our cumulative pregnancy rates in the following format.


Woman’s Age Pregnancy test (B-hcg +) Clinical Pregnancy
30 or younger 65 % 52 %
30 – 35 57 % 44 %
35 – 40 40 % 32%
41 – 43 27 % 14%
43 – 45 11 % 6 %

 2. How many cycles do you perform per year at the clinic?


Between 900-1000 patients

3. What is the maximum age that you treat?

We do not accept patients older than 45 years of age for ivf treatment.

4. Are there any fertility conditions that you will not treat?

If  woman’s  FSH is higher  than 20 mIU/ml at day 3, or male  has been undergone micro TESE operation before and sperms not found, we do not start IVF treatment. Besides, we do not try tubal re-anastomosis operation in tubal blockage cases since our IVF success rates are quite high.

5. What is your embryo transfer policy? How many embryos will you replace at one time?

We do not transfer more than two embryos, since we believe that transferring more than two embryos only increases multiple pregnancy rate.  Also we offer to transfer only one good quality blastocyst in first trial to young patients (<35 years of age) , but it is the decision of the couple.

6. What is the basic cost of the IVF treatment?

Our Package Prices are as follows;

Option 1 £ 1500

IVF / ICSI  Package
Including all exams, ultrasound, blood tests
Assisted Hatching ( With Laser) Included
IMSI ( In severe male factor cases) Included 

Freezing Excess Embryos ( With Vitrification )           £ 250

All cycle costs are package costs and include all the ultrasound scans, anaesthetic charges, doctor’s fees and post-op recovery where applicable.
At the time of egg collection, if there are no eggs or failed fertilisation, we refund £ 300 for cancellation of embryo  transfer.
Pregnancy scans are charged separately.
Medication costs are charged separately and can vary from patient to patient. Patients are requested to buy the drugs from the pharmacy themselves

Option 2 £ 2350 

Option 1 + all drugs and medications until embryo transfer

Option 3 £ 3250

Option 2 +  freezing the extra embryos and also a 20 night accommodation in a flat and airport transfers. Flat is fully furnished and very near to our Hospital (in walking distance).

7. What additional costs would / could be incurred?

If you have embryo(s) frozen, the cost of storage after one year is 120  £ annually

 TESA  280 £

Sperm freezing 150 £

 Micro TESE 550 £

8. What happens to the costs if the cycle has to be abandoned?

If the stimulation protocol is cancelled due to failure of follicular growth, we charge only examinations and blood tests. If embryo transfer is cancelled due to fertilization failure or embryonic development  arrest, we refund £ 350 for cancellation of embryo transfer.

9. How long would I need to be in Turkey  for?

If we will start the treatment at second or third day of the mensturation, it will probably last in 15-20 days with the embryo transfer.

10. Who deals with the logistics of flights and accommodation?

You will arrange  the flight tickets yourself but we can pick you up from airport for transfer to Hotel. Also we can help you for accommodation (hotel or residence near to our Hospital)  

Coordinator for patient relations in our IVF centre will help you.

11. How is the pre-treatment carried out?

You can send us the copies of all your medical records before you start. 

For woman; fT4 (free thyroxine),TSH, Prolactine  levels are required and also HBSAg, Anti-HCV , Anti-HIV is required

For man: HBSAg, Anti-HCV , Anti-HIV, sperm analysis are required. 

All the details of previous treatments will be helpful to understand the medical condition also. 

 12. How do I get medication?

As we start the treatment we provide the drugs in the package program or you can buy from pharmacy yourself.

13. How will I be monitored?

We will start the treatment at second or third day of the mensturation. The treatment will begin with daily injections and after three days you will be controlled again by ultrasound and blood levels of hormones to adjust the drug dosage. In every other day, you should be examined again and at about 9th or 10th day of treatment, you will have the final injection and in 36 hours your eggs will be collected under general anaesthesia. After that, your embryo transfer will be performed between 2 – 5 days .

14. How will I know that I am not being under / over stimulated?

In ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome, you may feel swelling and discomfort in the abdomen, sometimes nausea and vomiting, bowel problems and changes in urine colour and consistency. We will observe your stimulation closely to prevent hyperstimulation. If your ovaries are polycyctic type ( that means more sensitive for hyperstimulation), you should have daily monitoring with ultrasound and blood levels of oestradiol. 

Understimulation is easily diagnosed by ultrasound and blood levels and managed by modulating the drug dosage. 

15. If I have a problem whilst in the UK who would I go to?

Couples are free to return UK next day after embryo transfer. Sometimes problems like ectopic pregnancy, missed abortion, threatened abortion can occur just as after spontaneous pregnancy. In these circumstances, your local consultant will help you. We are always willing to give medical advice and direct you by phone or mail.

16. Is the clinic registered with any regulatory body?

Our IVF centre is located in Medicana International Hospitals Group which is one of the largest and pioneer of private Hospitals in Turkey. It is approved by our Ministry of Health and also Our Hospital is accredited by ISO and JCI (Joint Commission International) regularly. You can observe the Medicana group by visiting our site   ( )



Our Contact Informations

Medicana International Hospital IVF Center – Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey IVF, a fertility clinic in Istanbul, Turkey, offers several low cost IVF options.

An IVF cycle is 1,500 GBP without medications and 2,250 GBP with medications. For patients traveling to Turkey for treatment they offer a special package for 3,250 GBP which includes IVF, medications, airport transfers, and a 20 night stay in a flat within walking distance of the clinic. All their IVF prices include ICSI.

Phone: +90 212 867 79 18

Call the above number for more information or to make an appointment.

Turkey IVF has English speaking staff and no wait for treatment.

Address: Beylikduzu Street No 3, Beylikduzu, Istanbul, Turkey


IVF Costs, Trends and New Technologies in 2012 by

As society evolves, the typical family structure changes, technology advances, and laws flex, more people than ever are turning to infertility treatments as a means to start a family.

Contrary to popular belief, not everyone is blessed with the ability to quickly and easily conceive a child. This is becoming more and more obvious in recent years.

For some, health problems leading to male and female infertility factors contribute to a couple’s conception troubles.

Many others put off the pursuit of parenthood until their late 30s and early 40s, where the chances of a successful pregnancy dwindle down to almost zero.

On the other hand, singles and same-sex couples are also utilizing assisted reproductive technology (ART) procedures, along with surrogacy, to have the children they’ve always dreamed of.

Infertility treatments are more accessible (and successful) than ever before, which means it’s likely that this very specialized area of health care will experience major growth in the coming years particularly in the locations of Mexico, Spain, Cyprus, Thailand, and Colombia.

For 2012 in particular, whether monumental or controversial, three very important infertility trends are sure to steal the spotlight:

Money-Saving IVF Test: A new infertility test that has the potential to save parents money and disappointment by dramatically increasing the chances of having a healthy baby through in-vitro fertilization (IVF). Researchers at Oxford University say this new test is revolutionary because of its low price, increased level of safety and overall effectiveness.

The test works by analyzing ‘cloud’ cells (also known as cumulous cells) that provide nutrients to the egg. The cumulous cells, normally thrown out in a standard IVF procedure, would be tested for health and vitality, which could help infertility specialists to choose only the very best eggs for the IVF procedure, without harming a single one.

When compared to current egg and embryo tests, including pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), analyzing cumulous cells will minimize risks, cut costs by at least 50 percent, and greatly increase the odds of achieving a successful pregnancy in the first IVF attempt.

Although the study was quite small, Oxford researchers hope to begin clinical trials in the summer. If the test works as well as scientists believe, it should be available worldwide at the start of next year.

Sperm Donation Hesitation: 2011 brought a lot of controversy to the infertility community, especially in regards to sperm donation. While this practice is a popular solution for single women, lesbian couples and those struggling with male infertility factors, there has been a backlash at sperm banks for allowing donors to father too many children.

Last year, one man in the United States discovered that he had 150 children and other stories around the world revealed similar cases, which sparked a lot of concern over laws and regulations related to donated sperm and how they affect potential offspring and their families.

While it may seem simple, sperm donation is a complex issue for the donors and receiving families. This year, advocates will be working towards a more solid set of laws and regulations to protect all parties involved, as donor sperm is still extremely valuable for patients who need it to conceive.

Career-Driven Surrogacy: Over the past five years, gestational surrogacy has spiked in popularity all over the world. The Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology reported 260 surrogate births in 2006; this number raised to about 1,000 in 2009, and considering these figures only represent the United States, there’s no doubt surrogacy is a booming industry.

In the past, couples used surrogacy as a last resort, following multiple miscarriages and failed IVF attempts. Today, however, surrogacy is open to all types of families, including singles and same-sex couples. Countries like the India, Thailand, Ukraine, Georgia have capitalized on this growing demand for gestational surrogacy options, and now welcome thousands of internationally based clients each year.

The newest surrogacy trend for 2012 involves career women. Many with high-powered jobs are putting off pregnancy, and instead choosing to build their careers during their most fertile years.

One anonymous female CEO told The Grindstone, “People, not just women, in senior level roles, are living their lives at very high paces. They work more hours, lack sleep, travel a lot and struggle to keep a routine. You would find ways to manage this, but the added impact of pregnancy would change their lives. There are ways to slow down but for some women, and it’s not because they aren’t maternal, but I think it is that they don’t desire the whole pregnancy thing. I see it as slowing me down. It is not that they are choosing to put career first, but putting the focus first. And when you are presented with an option like surrogacy, it seems viable. It kind of makes sense.”

While some may find this new trend quite controversial, for today’s modern family, it’s not really about the pregnancy, but the end result that is most important. The route to parenthood is different for everyone, and gestational surrogacy is just one option.

The CEO added, ““Society has shifted and new roles and technology allow for women to have this choice. Does that make it wrong? Because you can, should you? Why not?”

From higher IVF success rates to sperm donor and surrogacy controversy, it looks like 2012 will be an eventful year for the infertility community. If you are trying to conceive, whether naturally or with the help of infertility treatments, wishes you the very best of luck and baby dust on your journey towards parenthood!

Contact – Amy our IVF Patient Coordinator is waiting to
help you with your IVF journey abroad.
US: 714 912-2893
UK: 020 8816-7668
International: +90 212 573 0221
Skype: visitandcare-amy

IVF Cost with Medicare4U, Ukraine

If you are concerned about all the arrangements and organisation around getting IVF treatment abroad then Medicare4U could be a good option. They are an agency based in the UK who can deal with all the organisation, including travel and accommodation for you. Their prices seem very good too. This is the information I have been sent.

MediCare4U Ltd is a British based company providing medical services through special relationships with some of the finest facilities in central and eastern Europe. Unlike online medical discount call centres, we offer much more than “cheap prices”.
Our real responsibility is to select trusted, fully-insured medical treatment facilities that match your personal needs, and then provide a complete medical including travel and accommodation at “best value” prices.

Quality medical solutions at lower cost
We plan and deliver a total package for you. Much like relationship with your doctor’s office, our staff build a relationship of care and trust. Beyond a doubt, this is the safest way to arrange a medical tourism trip and benefit from substantial savings.

Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, has a number of specialised reproductive medical clinics which offer a full range of up-to-date infertility diagnostics and treatments. These clinics are very modern and feature the most technically advanced equipment available anywhere in the world. Our consultants and healthcare professional team are all highly qualified and offer many years of experience in the field of reproductive medicine. As with all senior clinicians, our team attend specialist conferences and seminars around the world, sharing best practice with their peers, to ensure their knowledge of developments within their specialisation is unsurpassed.

All our clinics are accredited under Ukrainian law. Our reproductive medicine clinics are Nadiya, ISIDA, Mother and Child. Our clinicians are used to treating patients from all over the world and you will be made to feel welcome, confident and comfortable.

The success rate of IVF treatment in Ukraine is up to 65% compares more than favourably with the UK rate of 25% in the UK, as to our costs, even when travel and accommodation are taken into account. We can usually undertake IVF as a day case, so a night in the clinic is not necessary, but you should allocate a stay of between 5 – 7 days so we can undertake all the pre and post- procedure medical checks necessary.

We have set out below our clinics’ services and prices, shown in pounds sterling.

Our prices GBP

Artificial Insemination/Sperm donation (AI) £389
Artificial Insemination/Husband (AI) £292
Egg Extraction/Egg donation (1cycle) £2826
In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) – first attempt £1080*
In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) + ICSI £1699
ICSI (1-10 oocyte) £348
ICSI (more than-10 oocyte) £404
IMSI £213
Semen Cryopreservation (per year) £105
Surrogacy £25831
Initial consultation £17

The contact details for Medicare4U are:

Pavel Oltarzhevskyy

Head of International Department
Registered in England as Company No 7818790.
31 Chesterfield ave, SS7 4AJ Benfleet,UK.
Tel UK: +44 208 133 64 77
Tel Ukraine Mob: +38 (050) 6824229
Skype: medicare-4u

IVF Success at Medfem, South Africa

I have just received some wonderful news. The birth of a beautiful bouncing baby boy after a long journey by one of my readers – congratulations Evangeline, you must be sooooo proud. It hasn’t been an easy journey to get that bundle of joy into their arms, but persistence and perseverance certainly have paid off in the end. Evangeline has been kind enough to allow me to share her story in order to encourage and inspire others who are travelling the same journey. Here is what Evangeline says:

“Hello Sue
It has really been some time since we last communicated and of coz there has been nice developments on our side.
We went to Medfem Clinic in RSA in 2010 and after gathering the necessary monies required for ICSI, we commenced on the protocol in April 2011. You would remember that our challenge was an unsuccessful ovarian cysectomy and tubal reimplantation after blocked tubes AND low sperm count on my husband’s part.
We were due for ICSI but we ended up on IVF and on the second attempt it was successful. We are excited to tell you that on the 23rd of Feb 2012 we were blessed with a bouncing baby boy.
We thank you for your encouragements. You can post this so others can be inspired! Our experience has told us that it is possible, it can be done, Our God really cares. We just need to raise our FAITH levels and we shall not be left alone.. I am attaching Tadiwanashe Ebenezer’s photo and I hope I will be successful.
Peace and Love

IVF Cost at Embryoland Fertility Center, Athens, Greece

I have received a response to my IVF cost letter from Embryoland Fertility Center in Athens, Greece, giving details of the IVF cost, IVF success rate and IVF procedure at their clinic.

The contact details for Embryoland Fertility Center are:

Miltiadis Pitsos MD PhD
Obstetrician & Gynecologist
Embryoland Fertility Center
Kifisias 41 & Argolidos 2, Athens, Greece

tel: +30 210 6911200

Here are the responses I received:

The questions I have regarding treatment at your clinic are:

  1. What is the current success rate for your clinic? (preferably by age as I know that the success rate will be much lower for somebody of my age) Success rate is similar to US standards. <35 years old 50.3%, 35-37 years old 40.1%, 38-40 years old 29.2%, 41-42 years old 20.9%, >43 years old 8.1%
  2. How many cycles do you perform per year at the clinic? 700
  3. What is the maximum age that you treat? 50 by Greek law
  4. Are there any fertility conditions that you will not treat? HIV + patients; sex selection for non medical reasons is prohibited by Greek law.
  5. What is your embryo transfer policy? How many embryos will you replace at one time? We strictly follow the European Society for Human Reproduction (ESHRE) guidelines and is based on woman’s age.
  6. What is the basic cost of the IVF treatment? 2500 Euros (including initial consultation, ovarian stimulation monitoring, oocyte retrieval, sedation, IVF/ ICSI, embryo harvesting, embryo transfer)
  7. What additional costs would / could be incurred? Medications, blastocyst culture, spare embryo cryopreservation
  8. What happens to the costs if the cycle has to be abandoned? If abandoned before retrieval there is no charge. If no ET is performed due to very poor quality embryos then there will be a charge of 1500 Euros 
  9. How long would I need to be in Greece for? Depending on where you are going to do the stimulation monitoring. From as short as 4 days to maximum 14-16 days.
  10. Who deals with the logistics of flights and accommodation? We can certainly assist you
  11. How is the pre-treatment carried out? It is individualized in every case 
  12. How do I get medication? Either you can have them prescribed in your country or you can buy them in Greece
  13. How will I be monitored? We certainly prefer to do the stimulation monitoring ourselfs. However, if you can arrange to have the monitoring in your country then it will be OK with us.
  14. How will I know that I am not being under / over stimulated? That is why we prefer to perform the ovarian stimulation monitoring ourselves.
  15. If I have a problem whilst in the UK who would I go to? To a gynecologist in your country.
  16. Is the clinic registered with any regulatory body?Yes, Greek Ministry of Health

Miltiadis Pitsos MD PhD

Obstetrician – Gynecologist – Infertility Specialist

IVF Cost at Poliklinika IVF, Croatia

I have had a response to my IVF Cost letter from Poliklinika IVF in Croatia, where their founder was the fourth person to create an IVF baby in Europe and the eighth in the World. The contact details for Poliklinika are:

10000 ZAGREB

Here is the response:

Dear Sue!

Poliklinika IVF is founded 1997 by founder Velimir
Šimunić very famous gynocologist on this part of Europe ( in
former Yugoslavia he made first IVF baby 1982., fourth baby in
Europa and eight in the World). Until this days he made more
then 5000 babyes.
Our web is

If patient have any questions they can send as on mail and we
will answer on english:

Answers on your questions:

1.Our current success: from 35.-43. age 45%, from 40.-42.age   14%, from 42. age and more 7-8%
2. We perform 300-400 cycles per year.
3. Maximum age that we treat is 45 year
4. We not treat: HIV positive, patient older than 45, very
 low AMH, abnormal or apsent uterus, homosexual
5. At one time we will replace 3 embrios
6. Basic cost of IVF treatmenet: IVF-1100EUR, IVF/ICSI 1400 EUR
7. No additional costs
8. Patent should pay only monitoring
9. 3-7 days you need to stay in our clinic
10. Depending, we can arrange all of this.
11. Very seldom COC or estrogen, long agonist protocol.
12. You can buy and use fertility medications according to our
13. Start in your country, later ultrasaound, hormons by as.
14. Using US and estradiol
15. You will cantact as by mail, fax or phone, and than we will
16. Our Poliklinik IVF has a licence bay National bord under
Ministry of health, we have also ISO certificate, everything
under EU direktive

Kind regards Velimir Šimunić

IVF Cost at Garbba Rakshambigai Fertility Centre, Chennai and Trichy, India

In response to my IVF cost letter I have had a great response from Dr. Priya Kannan of Garbba Rakshambigai Fertility Centre who have centres in both Chennai and Trichy in India. Here is the information I have been given:

I am Dr. Priya kannan, embryologist at Garbba Rakshambigai Fertility Centre. I have graduated from Monash University with Masters in Clinical embryology. Our chief consultant is  Dr. Jayam kannan, with about 40 years of experience in gynecology and about 25 years of experience in reproductive medicine. Some more details about our centre can be found at our website we also have a centre at Trichy, which is about 300 kms south of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.
Please find below the answers to your queries.
Thanking you and with Regards
Dr. Priya Kannan

Garbba Rakshambigai Fertility Centre


At Chennai:                                                               At Trichy:


Garbba Rakshambigai Fertility Centre,                      Garbba Rakshambiagi Fertility Centre,

Parvatham Narayanasamy Hospitals,                          Priya Nursing Home

4, 6th cross street, United India Colony,                    8-B, Ramarayar Street,

Kodambakkam, Chennai 600024                               Tennur, Trichy 620017

India                                                                            India.


1.       What is the current success rate for your clinic? (preferably by age as I know that the success rate will be much lower for somebody of my age)

 The cumulative pregnancy rate at our centre is about 42%. The break up of that figure would be the following :


Age of female partner

Own eggs

  Fresh ET Frozen ET
< 37 years 37% 45%
>37 years 25%


Donor eggs

Fresh ET Frozen ET
60% 60%




2. What is the maximum age that you treat?

The maximum age we prefer to treat is about 50 years.


3.       What is your embryo transfer policy? How many embryos will you replace at one time?

We do day 3 and day 5/6 transfers.

The numbers of embryos transferred depends on the age of the patient and the quality of embryos available. For a young couple with good quality embryos, about 3 embryos will be transferred. In the older age group, more than 3 embryos may be transferred.


4.       What is the basic cost of the IVF treatment?

The total cost per cycle of IVF or ICSI will cost about USD 3000 – 3500. This cost includes the injections required for the stimulation, ultrasound and blood tests for monitoring of stimulation, the ART package (the lab and theatre charges from egg collection till embryo transfer) and the medications for post embryo transfer luteal support.


5.       What additional costs would / could be incurred?

The additional costs would preliminary work up, travel and accommodation.


6.       What happens to the costs if the cycle has to be abandoned?

At our centre, we prefer not to take the entire cost of the cycle in advance. The patient pays as and when necessary.

In case the patient prefers to pay in advance, that also can be done. In this case, apart from the charges actually incurred to the patient, the rest will be returned.


7.       How long would I need to be in ________ for?

We request that the couple come to our centre a week to ten days prior to the expected date of menses. From then on, the stay in India can be for a month to one and half month.


8.       Who deals with the logistics of flights and accommodation?

The IVF coordinator at centre can take care of the logistics and accommodation.

9.       How is the pre-treatment carried out?

We request the couple to come to the centre one week to ten days prior to the expected date of menses. The couple is registered, followed by a basic work up, scan, semen analysis (CASA) and semen freezing. They will also be counseled regarding the ART procedure.


10.   How do I get medication?

All the injections and medications necessary for the ART procedure are available at our centre.


11.   How will I be monitored?

All ART stimulations are monitored by ultrasound scan (follicular monitoring) and blood levels of estradiol (E2) and LH when necessary.


12.   How will I know that I am not being under / over stimulated?

By way of scan and blood tests, the reports of which will be with the couple. The couple will meet the doctor after each scan and blood test to know their situation and how they are responding to stimulation. They will also be explained and discussed with about all findings.


As we generally use the antagonist protocol, the chance of hyperstimulation is very minimal. As our freezing program is good, in case there is any chance of hyperstimulation, we discuss with the couple and give the option of cancelling the fresh embryo transfer and freeze all the embryos, for future frozen embryo transfers.


13.   Is the clinic registered with any regulatory body?

The centre is accredited by Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction (ISAR).


IVF Cost at BcnIVF Barcelona, Spain

Unusually the information I have on BcnIVF in Barcelona, Spain is not from the clinic itself but from somebody who has attended the clinic – it’s great to hear of others experiences with a clinic. Here is what they said:

Basically I was recommended a clinic in Barcelona because a friend of mine got pregnant there. She told me to ask for Dr. Olivares (I think he was the medical director) so I got in touch with them but, unfortunately, they told me that he was no longer working there. That was 2 months ago.
Since my friend insists on seeking for that doctor I started searching his name on the net and, luckily, I found out that he was about to open a new clinic, called BarcelonaIVF, with some staff from the first clinic I contacted. I managed to get their email (in their web site and started to ask questions and questions. They’re really fast solving concerns and doubts, you can expect to get an answer on the same day almost regardless of how many emails you send. At least this is what my contact, Romana, has done in fluent English. Moreover, despite not being cheap (egg donation costs 8950€), I like the way they manage the payments. One single payment for the treatment that should be done before your donor is assigned, but it includes egg donor selection tests, medication for both, the donor and me, any procedure that they think can help to achieve a better outcome -including IMSI, a technique that it only available in a handful of clinics- and the freezing of the surplus embryos you may have. That’s great because it allows you to focus really only on the treatment.
They also have two other things that sound really good. One is the “shared donor program” in which the donor (a “dedicated” donor, not a patient, is sharing her eggs) is shared amongst couples. They guarantee you’re going to get three good oocytes to ensure a good fresh embryo transfer. If the obtained embryos are not of goof quality, they reassign you to a new donor at no cost. It’s much cheaper than a normal egg donation (2950€) and it also includes everything. The only drawback is that if you choose this way, there won’t be any physical matching between donors and recipients (they say it’d take too long to match two or three couples with a single donor).
The other product I like is the “shared risk program”. I read about it in some US clinics websites. Basically you pay for three cycles before starting the first one and if you get pregnant (well not just getting pregnant, they talk about “ongoing pregnancy”, that means that the pregnancy goes beyond 13 weeks) they’ll charge you the whole amount (that would be 27.000€ in egg donation), this would be the patient’s risk. But if they don’t manage to get you pregnant after 3 attempts, then they refund you 75% of the money you’ve paid (that would be the clinic’s risk) I don’t know if I understood and explained it well… Otherwise please let me know and I will try to get more information. Or maybe you have experience with this kind of program…. However, I think, this would allow you to get some money back in case the treatment doesn’t work and to move on to any further treatments or even consider adoption. Well, to be honest, this won’t be my option because I can’t afford the initial payment, but if I were rich, I’d definitely do it 🙂

The contact details for the clinic are:

Barcelona IVF
Clínica de fertilización in vitro
Edificio Planetarium
Escoles Pies 103 Barcelona, Catalunya, 08017 Spain
tel: +34 93 417 69 16
fax: +34 93 418 02 88
tel. urgencias: +34 93 417 69 16 / + 34 650 12 36 65

Egg Donor Programme with FertilityCareSA, South Africa

I know many people nowadays are looking for egg donor programmes. I was emailed about a specialist egg donor programme in South Africa called FertilityCareSA. They work with a number of the South African clinics. Here is the information they have kindly provided:

This Egg Donor Programme is the culmination of several years’ experience in the egg donation industry. At the helm of FertilityCareSA is Ingrid Bothe who is the managing partner of this egg donor programme.Ingrid has a wealth of experience in the healthcare industry. She worked for the NHS in the United Kingdom for 9 years before returning to South Africa when she joined one of the larger egg donor agencies in South Africa.  Recently deciding to spread her wings , she has joined forces with her business partner who has been through number of IVF’s herself and brings her years of real first-had experience in the egg donation/fertility industry in this new venture together they have formed a double impact.” 

Please visit our website for more information.

Our egg donor agency fee is: $2000


Choosing the right fertility clinic and fertility specialist is critical to the success of your IVF.  We have worked with almost all fertility clinics in South Africa.  In general most fertility clinics are good. It is however our experience that the success rate varies from clinic to clinic and from specialist to specialist, that is why we hope the information we will share with you will help you in choosing the clinic that will maximise your success rate. The below clinics FCSA would recommend based on feedback we’ve had from both recipients AND donors alike.




Tygerberg Fertility Clinic (Aevitas Fertility Unit)

Doctors we recommend

  • Prof Thinus Kruger
  • Dr Igno Siebert
  • Dr Van der Merwe

A well-run donor programme with a good infrastructure, our donors and recipients have been warmly received and treated by both the sisters and fertility specialists.

Web adress:


  • IVF cost with an egg donor from around  $5000  
  • Egg donor agency Fee $2000


For a final quotation e-mail Sister Tersia Fourie at

 or call +27 21 531 6999

(This fee includes the work up of the donor, the medication for the donor, the egg-retrieval in theatre, the theatre costs, basic IVF lab fee and ICSI and the consultations and scans. It also includes the compensation for the donor (5.700 Rand) and the Progesterone medication for recipient)


Cape fertility Clinic

  • Dr Norsaka
  • Dr Le Roux

A sound fertility clinic with well-known fertility specialists that both our recipients and donors have enjoyed being treated at.

  • IVF with an egg donor from around $6000
  • Egg donor agency Fee $2000

For a final quotation e-mail

or call 27 21 674 2088   

(This fee includes the work up of the donor, the medication for the donor, the egg-retrieval in theatre, the theatre costs, basic IVF lab fee and ICSI and the consultations and scans. It also includes the compensation for the donor (5.700 Rand) and the Progesterone medication for recipient)




Bio-Art fertility clinic

  • Dr Cassim
  • Dr Dasoo

They have good facilities and usually work out more affordable than most clinics as they have an egg sharing programme that they will facilitate for patients.  Staff are friendly and approachable.

  • IVF cost with an egg donor from around $4000 to $ 5000
  • Agency fee $ 2000

For final quotation please e-mail Sister Gerida at

 (This fee includes the work up of the donor, the medication for the donor, the egg-retrieval in theatre, the theatre costs, basic IVF lab fee and ICSI and the consultations and scans. It also includes the compensation for the donor (5.700 Rand) and the Progesterone medication for recipient)



  • Dr Johan Van Schouwenburg
  • Dr Johan Van Rensburg
  • Dr Antonio Rodrigues

This is another reputabel clinic with good support to both donors and recipients.  A good choice if you would like to be treated in Johnnesburg.

  • Cost of IVF including an egg donor around $6000

For final quotation, e-mail Sister Krina at

(This fee includes the work up of the donor, the medication for the donor, the egg-retrieval in theatre, the theatre costs, basic IVF lab fee and ICSI and the consultations and scans. It also includes the compensation for the donor (5.700 Rand) and the Progesterone medication for recipient)

Worldwide Personal Help in Getting Pregnant

I received a very interesting email from Orel Naor from Israel, who helps couples around the world to get pregnant. Here’s what Orel said:

My name is Orel Naor
Im coming from Israel.

These days I am finishing my project to treat and help 150 couples to have babies.
As you know, in the modern age like today, all over the world people suffer from difficulties in conceiving and deliverings babies. 
The reasons for these difficulties iclude bad and weak sperm, inability to fertilization, abortion, miscarriages, premature infants and many more problems.

I have more than 38% effectiveness in treating patients who have not received treatment such as in vitro fertilisation, and couples who had been trying to become pregnant in any natural way for more then 2 years!
and more then 65% in treating patients who have been already in the procces of ivf for one year or more.
My goal is to make this possibility available to everyone who needs it.
with fast results as about 2-6 months
its can be done quite goodness
by simple and easy tools from the Chinese medicine,nutrition.technique of breathing and meditation to change the frequency of our mind.

couples from a rich society in Germany,New-York,Los Angeles,Singapore,Hong-Kong,Israel
now can be satisfied and happy with their new baby’s
this time i can treat all for almost free,just let me help,treat and do my good thing for the universe

for more info:

I think we could all do with some personal help through this process! Orel has been kind enough to send me information on what is involved in helping couples through their infertility issues in the form of a case study:

well i didnt know what case to write about
so i guess that the fate just knocked on my door with an invitation to celebrate in India a birth of a baby..make it twince 🙂
the story of this lovely couple started when i was at my work in Singapore,they heard of me from the fertility clinic that treat them at their place and want me to come right away to start the treatment.
they are coming from new delhi India
wealthy couple,he is about 48 years old with weak sperm..
volume 1.2 cc
concentration less then 6 million
motility 25%
morphology about 10% by tygerberg strict criteria scale
the hope came with vitality of 50%(low but still better then all other results)
and ph of 7.5*(great great)
if you think that we have done with the man
lets start talking about the woman,40 years old
got twice pregnant at her early 30 but had a natural abortions.
BMI very high
glucose 250,stay stable with pills
PCOS – polycystic ovary syndrome
in the middle of ivf process also icsi dooring the last 3 years with no results at all.
Because i couldn’t fly to them at that time and treat by physical way
we started to treat by nutrition,we change the all diet of the daily life
plus extra vitamins and Chinese exercise and herbs .
by that we prepare the body of the man to produce more healthy sperm
and the women to start loosing weight(also sent her to an acupuncturist for that)
and treat the pcos syndrome .
After one month of daily contact when tests showed a good improvement with their condition they decided to come to SG for another month for better and intensive treatment until ill finish my work over there.
the program is to continue with the nutrition,serial acupuncture every day for 7 days 
then 3 dyas off.
this kind of acupuncture treat to production a good sperm and higher results that will make the sperm to develop as a healthy fetus in the womb
also for her this treatment clean the system from pollution,with a balance of hormones.
breathing technique and nlp for changing the usual way of thinking
…making dreams,wishes for real in our life.
Continue treatment in new delhi(so hot!)
same routine of nlp,breathing and serial of 7 days treatment
for another 2 months.
we had a breakthrough dooring that time ,her womb received the sperm thru the ivf
for the first time atfer 3 years but it fell after a while.
but they never ..and i saw so many patients in that situation
they never got inside of sorrow and always been so happy and thankful
in my last days there she got pregnant
dooring this time that iv been in India i treat with success another 18 couples.
usually i recommend to continue the treatment by easy way..about 1 treatment every two weeks
but i really had to leave
beside its important tool,beside the fun of it the womb get stimulate and connected to the body as one part as it all healthy body sex its good and fun but we dont want the womb to received sperm when she is not ready
its very important to use condoms that time
and when the time is right, the man need to stay8-12 days with no ejaculation
and have good and natural sex..
even for those who in the process of ivf like this couple
god has gave us tools to stay simple and have babys.
with this easy treatment we get very good and high results of having babys to the world
no matter what.
orel naor